Monday, May 12, 2014

Orang Pendek Project - 7/30/13

OPP 7/30/13
Another orang pendek cast has been added to the ever growing Orang Pendek Project database.  This one not only shows quite a bit of forest debris, but also has some anatomical features that correspond well to what should be expected.  

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  1. We discussed Jay's track cast on his wall and the way the toes come off, especially the big toe, is not natural. We suspect that this track was a forged copy made in imitation of genuine tracks found elsewhere. In particular the big toe has a hollow place at the base where there should be a bulge and the toe should seem to be joined on to the rest of the foot, as it is in genuine tracks and in the orangutan. Jay knows all of us who took part in the conversation, I was only one and I cannot name everybody else that was involved right off the top of my head