Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Casting Class with Cliff

In case you couldn't make the Ohio Bigfoot Conference back in April, here's a video of the casting seminar I taught at Sunday's picnic lunch.  

Thank you to Henry May for recording and posting this!

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  1. Cool video! Oh I wish I could've attended this conference! I would have gotten to learn more about Bigfoot AND meet YOU!!!!!! :D

    God Bless :)

    P.s.I just watched the season premiere of Finding Bigfoot! It was AMAZING! On the final night investigation, those howls you and Bobo heard were amazingly scary! It made my hair stand up! You should post the recording you have of it on your blog. Oh, and the Finding Bigfoot team (which, of course, includes you) should come to Texas again! I'm positive there are a ton a sasquatches here! I am stoked for the next FB episode airing this Sunday!!! Will you be watching it, too?