Friday, April 18, 2014

Cliff Appears on After Hours

I recently spent some time with Rictor Riolo on his video platform, "After Hours with Rictor."  This is the first of two one-hour interviews, the next to be published on Wednesday, April 23rd.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for answering my question, Cliff! :-) Loved the interview and can't wait for the second part.

  2. Very interesting, Cliff, I like the longer format where you have time to explain things. Also, I don't know if you followed the Sochi Olympics closely, but one of the themes there was the stray dogs and the rescue and adoption of several dogs by one of the US athletes. Also, thanks for explaining about the eye signals. Sounded so bogus to me, your proposed theory makes more sense, but I think this will turn out to be a "red" herring.

  3. The Yakima Valley Museum is hosting the traveling exhibit Sasquatch Revealed from April 5, 2014 through December 27, 2014. See HistoryLink ( featured it in their e-newsletter. Perhaps you've already mentioned this.

    This exhibit sounds especially interesting because of this:

    Anatomical models, skeletal comparisons and dozens of casts of Sasquatch footprints will be displayed, along with stories of well-known Sasquatch proponents and witnesses. It is appropriate that this exhibit is presented in Yakima, the hometown of Bob Gimlin and the late Roger Patterson.

    Also, have you seen the Washington State episode of the Smithsonian Channel show Aerial America? Despite all the sweeping views of our state's forests, not a single Bigfoot was caught lumbering up a hill unaware... darn.