Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Lookin' Late" Bigfoot Conference and Festival

As any bigfooter knows, southeast Oklahoma is a hotbed of bigfoot activity.  The terrain is rugged, mountainous, and perfect habitat for sasquatches.  And, like so many other areas where bigfoots roam, the local humans have come to celebrate the big guys' presence.

This April 18 and 19, there will be a public bigfoot festival in the Little River Valley located in the Kiamichi Mountains outside of the small town of Honobia.  The conference organizers are doing two festivals a year now, one in spring and one in fall.

For more information on this gathering, click here.

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  1. I strongly feel that were I live there should be thing like this going on so I can go to them. its just to hard for me to go because its to far away. I haven't ben on a bigfoot expedition before. so, please come to northern Ca, and have a bigfoot conference here!