Saturday, February 1, 2014

Buck McNeely Ponders the Sasquatch

Having been a guest on the 25th Hour Radio Show in the past, I sometimes get notified of interesting interviews from the show.  Professional outdoorsman, Buck McNeely was on the show recently and was asked about his views on sasquatches.  

The bigfoot comments start around the 20:39 marker.  


  1. Cliff, listened to the whole interview, interesting. Even though he said he has never run into anything like that his pause indicates that maybe someone he knows and trusts has. diggerdog

  2. Yes, interesting perspective on Bigfoot. Too bad that directly after those thoughts, Mr. McNeely went on a 2nd amendment rant comparing Obama to Hitler as "the manifestation of evil". Rather colors his open minded view of undiscovered apes for me...