Monday, December 16, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Four - Lake Tahoe Field Notes

Lake Tahoe from above.

On Finding Bigfoot’s third visit to California, we focused our efforts on the Lake Tahoe area. Among bigfooters, arguably the most famous piece of evidence out of this area is the Tahoe Scream, a high-pitched scream thought to have been made by a juvenile sasquatch, which to this day is not publicly distributed. However, what most bigfooters do not realize is that numerous other recordings of strange vocalizations came from the same area around the same time. Bob Strain and Tom Yamarone obtained one such recording.

Tom and Bob’s recording was obtained adjacent to an outlying housing tract near Meyers, CA. To the east of the last street is nothing but some decommissioned roads, and wilderness leading up to granite peaks topping 11,000 feet in elevation. There is more than enough room for a small group of sasquatches to move about and remain more-or-less out of view. It is perfect bigfoot habitat.

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