Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kultus - a Book and a Blog

It has just come to my attention that my good friend, Kirk Sigurdson has started a blog related to his new bigfoot-themed novel, Kultus.  I wrote about my take on Kirk's book in a previous blog post.

Kirk is an excellent writer, so I would encourage you to not only read his book, but check out his blog as well.  He is a man of many interests, and he offers unique perspectives on each and every one.

Click here to visit the Kultus Book Blog.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The London Trackway - Track #42

London Trackway #42
This cast is very interesting to me.  Despite the fact that there are many anatomical details found in the London Tracks that seem to confirm their authenticity, some casts have details that suggest a hoax.  This one cast alone shows characteristics of both real prints and hoaxes.

While I'm still inclined to think that the London Trackway was made by a sasquatch, there will always be a lingering doubt in my mind.  Unless one sees the track maker, how can anyone be sure?  

Footprint evidence is a tricky thing.  That's why I study it. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Four - Lake Tahoe Field Notes

Lake Tahoe from above.

On Finding Bigfoot’s third visit to California, we focused our efforts on the Lake Tahoe area. Among bigfooters, arguably the most famous piece of evidence out of this area is the Tahoe Scream, a high-pitched scream thought to have been made by a juvenile sasquatch, which to this day is not publicly distributed. However, what most bigfooters do not realize is that numerous other recordings of strange vocalizations came from the same area around the same time. Bob Strain and Tom Yamarone obtained one such recording.

Tom and Bob’s recording was obtained adjacent to an outlying housing tract near Meyers, CA. To the east of the last street is nothing but some decommissioned roads, and wilderness leading up to granite peaks topping 11,000 feet in elevation. There is more than enough room for a small group of sasquatches to move about and remain more-or-less out of view. It is perfect bigfoot habitat.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Blacksleep, White Whale, and Bigfoots

A local band called Blacksleep contacted me a while back to do some spoken word vocal tracts for a song they were writing.  The song, entitled White Whale, is about searching for something that others say doesn't exist, such as Moby Dick, or a sasquatch.  The band has finally released their digital album, and I am thrilled to be able to share the track I collaborated with them on below.

Check out this band's Facebook page, or click this link to download their album for free.  A hard copy of their CD can be ordered from this same link, and is only $10.  This is a rare opportunity to support an independent band, as well as show your interest in bigfoots at the same time.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Orang Pendek Project - 6/7/13

The cast of an orang pendek was collected
on June 7, 2013.
Another cast has now been posted in the Orang Pendek Project's data index.  This cast was obtained in June, 2013, and was the only print clear enough to cast from the site.  The creature was not seen.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Bigfoot Coffee Company

I've always thought that maybe Starbucks wasn't squatchy enough, and now I know for sure.  A new company from the Oregon Coast has produced some joe that can keep me up all night bigfooting, and they have an appropriate name to boot.

The Bigfoot Coffee Company has a Facebook page and is requesting that you go there and "like" it.  Check back often for updates and news about distribution of their coffee.  A pound of Bigfoot Coffee would make an excellent gift for the bigfooter on your Squatchmas list!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Four Field Notes - China

A huge sculpture depicting a female yeren
 interacting with its young.
Having read about the Chinese wildman, or yeren, for years, I was nothing less than thrilled to have the opportunity to travel to that part of the world for an expedition. Our investigations would be centered in Hubei province, specifically the Shennongjia Forest District, one of several “hot spots” in China for yeren sightings.

The terrain looked and felt remarkably similar to the Pacific Northwest. It was heavily wooded with mixed firs and rhododendron which grew on its steep canyon walls. Most of this area is utterly devoid of road and trails. It seemed to me that most of the tourists were constrained to heavily developed walking trails that only skirted the wilderness areas that surround the main roads. Small trails have, however, been developed by the local mountain people, and these trails are largely used for the gathering of medicinal herbs and wood.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kultus: a Novel

The cover of Kultus.  Cover design by
Guy Edwards of Bigfoot Lunch Club.
Author, teacher, and envelope-pusher Kirk Sigurdson has published his first fictional novel having to do with bigfoots entitled Kultus. I have read it cover to cover, and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, characters, and message.  The setting is a slightly fictionalized Skamania County, WA in and around the Columbia River Gorge.  Kirk uses his knowledge and experience of bigfoots and the radical politics of logging to intertwine them into a story about conservation, land use, and passions.

Here is the blurb from Amazon about the book:
Jonathan Dewey Graham owns the largest stand of Pacific Rainforest in the United States. The Old Growth Resistance (OGRE) wants to stop him from logging on his own land by suing to classify it as a protected wilderness area. OGRE's campaign, funded in part by marijuana cultivation, hits a roadblock when forest giants (bigfoot) are discovered living in the ancient old growth forest. Ultimately, the precarious balance between landed gentry and environmental extremists comes to rest on the shoulders of a twelve year-old girl—Graham’s only child—who is befriended by a lone forest giant. The end result is both poignant and tragic. Kultus touches upon the universal nature of love, sentience, and the sustainability of resources in a world burdened with an ever-growing human population. Television personality, Cliff Barackman, calls this novel, "The riveting story of a metaphoric tug-of-war between lawyers, timber companies, land owners, hippies, and one young girl. Outside of these warring interests are the sasquatches whose ultimate fate depends on the outcome of the human wrangling." A surprising amount of research from the fields of anthropology and cryptozoology helps to enrich the story with realistic details. Like Upton Sinclair's, The Jungle, Kultus has the power to transform society for the better. Its social commentary about non-human intelligence is at once captivating, and also chilling.

I can highly recommend this book to any reader of bigfoot fiction. Being a teacher of literature, I can safely say that Kirk's writing style will not disappoint, and his imagination will live up to the same expectation.

Buy this book from Amazon by clicking this link.