Saturday, November 9, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Three - Sumatran Field Notes

Under the forest canopy in the Sumatran jungle.

The subject of the orang pendek has fascinated me over the years. From the description, it clearly isn’t the same species as the North American bigfoot, but for some reason it really stimulated my curiosity. Maybe it was the remote location and the possibilities of what could be living in those jungles. Maybe it was the fact that a professional conservationalist, Debbie Martyr, had seen orang pendeks on more than one occasion. Whatever the case, when I found we had the opportunity to visit Sumatra to look into the mystery of these small unknown apes, I was thrilled. When I found that we would be accompanied by cryptozoologist, Adam Davies, I was even more excited.

I had been introduced to Adam Davies a few years back when I made an appearance on a radio program with Adam, Linda Godfrey, and Nick Redfern. It wasn’t a face-to-face introduction, but one where I called into the program from my phone (and actually from the Chehalis Indian Reservation in Washington where I was on a sasquatch expedition at the time). I had been in occasional contact with Adam since, and now we would get the opportunity to do field work together for the first time.

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