Monday, November 11, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Four - Boggy Creek Field Notes

The Sulfur River Bottoms

Any bigfooter who was alive in the 1970′s has been influenced to some degree by the movie, The Legend of Boggy Creek. This 1972 pseudo-documentary certainly affected me in a huge way. Little did I know that decades later I would be visiting Fouke, Arkansas in an attempt to run into the Fouke Monster for myself.

Our town hall meeting was held in an old movie theater after an abbreviated screening of the movie. Lyle Blackburn, author of The Beast of Boggy Creek, was in attendance. It is Lyle who has done the most work on following up on the events of The Legend of Boggy Creek, and also who has tracked down the most reports from both before and after the film from the Fouke area. Hands down, Lyle is the single most important expert on both the film and the bigfoot reports from the vicinity.


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  2. Just wanted to let you know, this was excellent :)

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