Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stillaguamish River Cast Update

A few days ago, I posted another cast to my ever-growing bigfoot footprint database.  This was the Stillaguamish cast from 1980, documented by Douglas Trapp.  Shortly thereafter, I received an email from my good friend Daniel Perez, publisher of the Bigfoot Times newsletter.  He knew Douglass Trapp personally around this same time, and indeed did investigations with him on more than one occasion.  Daniel supplied me with the above newspaper clipping from the Lake Stevens Journal that gives details about the track find.

Most interestingly, this article supplies us with what might be the only photograph of the other footprint cast taken at the site (there's another avenue I'm working on that might supply us with more photos, but this is far from certain).  In my research on the cast in Dr. Meldrum's collection, I discovered language that seemed to indicate there was more than one cast made at the site, and that the "only surviving" cast was to be found in Meldrum's lab.  Thanks to the photos that accompany this article, now we know for sure.

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