Friday, September 20, 2013

Right Under our Noses

Yellow-bellied legless lizards, one of four new species of
Anniella discovered in California.

While not directly bigfoot-related, this news item goes to show how little we humans know, though we assume to know so much. Right in the middle of almost 13 million inhabitants, literally on the grounds of one of the world's busiest airports, a new species of legless lizard (which are different than snakes) has been documented.  This species is only one of four new species of legless lizards that have now been newly documented in the most recent issue of Brevoria, the Harvard University journal of comparative zoology.

I bring this news item forward not only because I'm a fan of cryptozoology in general, but also to point out to the "they don't exist because we would have known about them by now" crowd that perhaps that argument has some weaknesses. Think of how many biological surveys must have been conducted on the grounds of Los Angeles International Airport over its 85 year history. All of those missed this creature. I find this fascinating.  

How much more elusive would a nocturnal, intelligent being who is actively trying to avoid us be?

It conjures to mind the following quote:

True wisdom comes to each of us 
when we realize how little we understand about life, 
ourselves, and the world around us.


Enjoy the article from Discovery News:

New Species of Legless Lizard Found at LAX
SEP 18, 2013 04:54 PM ET // BY JENNIFER VIEGAS

A bustling airport would hardly seem the place to find a new species of reclusive animal, but a team of California biologists recently found a shy new species of legless lizard living at the end of a runway at Los Angeles International Airport.

What’s more, the same team discovered three additional new species of these distinctive, snake-like lizards that are also living in some inhospitable-sounding places for wildlife: at a vacant lot in downtown Bakersfield, among oil derricks in the lower San Joaquin Valley and on the margins of the Mojave desert.

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  1. That is cool looking. Thought I saw it once when I was watching the croc hunter. Not sure where they were at the time.

  2. There are so many species out in the world that still need to be discovered, so many possibilities! I love finding out about new species of any kind. Awesome article and lovely quote! :)