Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eric Altman Launches Website

Eric Altman and Cliff Barackman hang out before the PA
townhall meeting.
If you've been in bigfooting for more longer than Finding Bigfoot has been on the air, then you certainly know about the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and one of its founding members, Eric Altman.  For the newbies who have only recently taken up residence in Bigfootland, Eric is a long-time researcher of bigfoots, and all sorts of other weird things.

Eric is my go-to guy for investigating reports in the PA area, and he graciously helps me research sighting reports from that area of the country.  He and his colleagues in the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society conduct thorough investigations, often on-site with the witnesses.  Eric and the PBS have been invaluable resources for me over the last few years.

Eric has now launched his own personal website to feature some of his own work.  Included in his links are media appearances, links to his excellent radio program called Beyond the Edge Radio (on which I've been a guest), and, of course, a link to the PA Bigfoot Society.

I would like to encourage you to drop by Eric's page and explore a bit.  Send him a hello via his contact page, and tell them I sent you!

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