Sunday, July 14, 2013

Uncertain, but Probable Music Gig

As many of you know, I have a degree in music and I love to get out and do some playing in public now and again.  I rarely get an opportunity to do so anymore, as I work on the road filming Finding Bigfoot more than I find myself at home being able to practice with the band.   However, this week an opportunity to combine the two facets of my life has arisen.

To augment the Finding Bigfoot series, Animal Planet has produced several "After the Show" episodes which feature our executive producer, Keith Hoffman, giving the world a peek behind the curtain of Finding Bigfoot.  There will be a couple more of these After the Show episodes in the coming season, and they will contain featurettes on the various cast members, much like when we saw Keith and Bobo go crab fishing in the most recent After the Show episode.  

This week, they are filming stuff to flesh out a segment on me, and the producers want to have me do a musical gig with my band.  This is tentatively scheduled for this Wednesday at around 5 o'clock here in Portland.  I cannot say where at this point because it has not been confirmed (contracts and lawyers take longer than most folks, including me, would expect).  There will be a production crew there filming the event.

If you would like to come see me play music with my trio early Wednesday evening for free, check my blog on Tuesday for updates.  There is a slight chance it may get cancelled and I'll end up filming this in a practice studio, but the odds are that it'll be a public affair to which all are invited.  

What:  Cliff's playing music for an hour
Where:  The venue is still unverified, but here in Portland, OR
When: Wednesday around 5 pm 
Why: To film scenes for the upcoming After the Show episodes

Again, this is not happening for sure.  There is a slight chance it could get cancelled.  However, I'll know for sure by Tuesday.  Please check back here on Tuesday for updates!


  1. Sounds good to me, I might not be able to make it, if I do, I really want to meet you.

  2. Oh I hope this happens! When I spoke to u at PDX last year I mentioned I would love to hear you play. If this works out, I'm totally there!

    ~ Veronica