Monday, July 1, 2013

Tyler Bounds at the Monroe, WA Library

Tyler Bounds and a friend

Bigfooter, friend of the sasquatch, and "outdoor technician" on Finding Bigfoot Tyler Bounds will be speaking at the Monroe Library in Washington on Tuesday, July 16th.  A nice article was published in the Monroe Monitor and Valley News.  

On the trail of Sasquatch: Crew member of the Animal Planet show “Finding Bigfoot” to appear in Monroe
By Polly Keary, Editor

Fascinated by what he believes was an early glimpse of the mythic beast known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, Tyler Bounds has chased the primate all over Washington, from Sultan and the Sky Valley all through the Cascades and into Eastern Washington.

He never did expect it to be more than a hobby. But as his skills as an outdoorsman and Washington woods expert made him more and more valuable to the community of Bigfoot hunters in the state, his hobby became something more. It became a television career.

Bounds, who became a researcher and crew member on the Animal Planet show “Finding Bigfoot,” will appear at the Monroe Library Tuesday, July 16, to talk about his search for evidence of the elusive hominid, his experience as a crew member on the popular Animal Planet show, and the dramatic evidence he has since discovered that suggests that the creature may, in fact, exist.

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