Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy this Mother's Day video from the Jane Goodall Institute showing a surrogate mother to some chimplings.  If it moves you, donate something to the JGI to show your appreciation for what they do.  Remember, Jane herself has spoken out about the possibility of bigfoots being real!

This Mother's Day, join JGI in honoring Tchimpounga's resident "surrogate chimp mom," La Vieille!

As one of Tchimpounga's oldest residents, La Vieille has a very special role to play at the sanctuary. She spends her time helping Tchimpounga’s new arrivals learn how to socialize with other chimps and gain independence from their human caregivers. Though the young chimps sometimes like to pester her, La Vieille remains a dedicated, protective guardian.

Click here to donate to the Jane Goodall Institute.


  1. That is a really sweet video! JGI is very dear to my heart, I will defiantly be donating more to them cliff, thanks for posting this!

  2. I got to meet Jane Goodall a couple of years back after a talk she gave at Penn State. She exudes grace and intelligence. Love her work and thanks for posting the vid.

  3. The video reminds me of a mother, watching her kids play at the park. Such a tender video. Thank you!