Friday, May 3, 2013

1991 Freeman Cast from the Blue Mountains

On January 14, 1991, Paul Freeman and his wife were having coffee at a restaurant when they overheard a couple guys talking about some bear prints they had seen on Mill Creek Road. Thinking that it was too early for bears to be out of hibernation, Paul thought they could have been bigfoot tracks so he decided to investigate. Around noon, he called Vance Orchard and invited him along, and he and Wes Sumerlin met Paul at his house to ride to the location together. Wes was quick to point out that the unseasonably warm weather could have brought a bear out of hibernation, but the prints were still worthy of checking out.

Upon arrival several footprints were quickly found on both sides of the road. The prints were estimated to be three or four days old. Vance Orchard snapped several black and white photographs of prints while Paul and Wes were examining individual tracks. One of these photographs is included in Vance’s 2001 publication, The Walla Walla Bigfoot on page 21.

The creature’s path was traced for a good distance by the three men (see diagram below). It came out of the brush in the Five Points area (the same general area where this individual’s prints would be later cast by Dr. Jeff Meldrum in 1996) near a wheat field off of 7 Mile Road, made its way down to Mill Creek, through the grass and brush, and back up to the mountains via nearby Blue Creek. The total distance this animal was tracked is approximately two miles.


  1. Why the 22 year lag from casting to publication and your acquisition of this object.

    That seems to be quite a time span doesn't it.

  2. Empowers,

    I'm just documenting casts as I run across them. The original cast is safely in Meldrum's laboratory, but I ran across a copy a year or two ago. I did the research, took the photo, and published it. Most of Freeman's stuff came from around this time, so any further Freeman casts will also have a similar lapse in time.


  3. Empowers, Why no question marks at the end of either of your comments....? Not all evidence comes forth as soon as it's acquired or experienced. I personally have worked for 30 years with a lady who has Polaroids of bigfoot prints but only became aware of them 3 months ago. I also know a man who witnessed a bigfoot 36 years ago but only told his story publicly for the first time this year. Their integreties are without question. No explanation needed to sincere minds, Cliff.

  4. I picked up a copy of this one from Dr. Meldrum in Yakima a few weeks ago, and it is a great cast. The fact that more than one footprint has been found and cast with a mid-tarsal break is truly an amazing feat, and Jeff made the point that Freeman could not have possibly known to fake something like this because no one really knew anything about this phenomenon until after 1996.Freeman was badly misjudged by some researchers and continues to get validation more than a decade after his passing.