Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Three - Vietnam Field Notes

The jungles of Vietnam are ridiculously thick and unfriendly.

Vietnam is a land that has produced more new species of large mammal than anywhere else on Earth. Before 1992 when a bovine called the saola was discovered, only one large mammal species had been described over the 50 previous years. However, starting with the saola, three new species of large goat-like mammals were described in just four years, and they all came from Vietnam. Interestingly, since the 1992 discovery of the saola it has yet to be observed by a scientist in the field. Certainly, if an antelope can remain hidden in the mountainous jungles of Vietnam, a rare species of wildman can do the same.

Stories of bigfoot-like creatures were brought back to America by returning veterans of the Vietnam war. Many soldiers described what would later be called “rock apes” being seen in the thickly forested mountains as the troops were either camped or moving from place to place. The first time I heard such a story was from an acquaintance of my father. He reportedly saw a seven-foot hairy man run across a opening in the forest during a gun battle. The hairy man then scaled a steep rocky cliff that no man would ever think of climbing, and it did so with staggering speed. Since the soldier was engaged in a gun battle at the time, he had other things to worry about and didn't bother taking notes on what he saw. Still, he was very much blown away by the sighting.


  1. Very cool. The fact that similar creatures have stories all over the world is one of the things that has always convinced me that bigfoots are real. I love that you guys are getting a chance to get out there and explore some of them! Any plans to go to the himalayas? :D THAT would be an incredible trip!

  2. The jungles of Vietnam appear impenetrable. Most likely has alot of creepy crawlies and humid. No thanks.

  3. As I sat and watched you hiking through the jungle, Cliff, I couldn't help but think of the mines and traps that are surely left intact from the war. Kind of a scary thing to think about. The footage of the bugs makes me really appreciate my little corner of the Earth. I think I would have been really freaked out. How was it even possible to sit down? Loved the music from the Hanoi Temple...very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hey! You skipped Connecticut! :(

    1. Oh good.... I got worried. I'm from CT, so its kind of special to me.