Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Three - PA Field Notes

Kinzua Bridge State Park, the site of our eventful last
night investigation.

This expedition to Pennsylvania was to be my second bigfooting trip to the Keystone State. My first trip was back in 2010, and it was quite successful. I heard knocks and whistles during the day from three different directions, and from not very far away. I thought I was going to get footage for sure, but I was wrong once again… That trip was outside of Butler, PA, but this trip was to have two separate locations. The first was in eastern PA, while the second would be further west in the Allegheny National Forest.

We started our expedition outside of Scranton, PA. We came to investigate some interesting footage obtained by two young men, Paul and Robert, while goofing around with their go kart. They had just made a new go cart track and were filming themselves doing laps from the perspective of the go kart with their cell phone cameras. On one of these laps the camera picked up a dark bipedal figure walking from the left to right at perhaps 50 yards distance. Paul was driving.


  1. you guy's need to come back to Cleveland GA.

  2. Y'all should go to western south & north Carolina in the Appalachia mountains. I've had good luck up there with getting call responses as well as rocks thrown at my tent. Also go to west Virginia. I was fortunate enough to have an up close and personal sighting there while deer hunting in McDowell County on Christian mountain. Watched it walk down the mountain side I was hunting while perched at the top in a tree stand.

  3. Go to wester north and south Carolina I've had lots of luck there getting call responses and rocks thrown at me but my best luck was in west Virginia in McDowell county on Christian mountain while deer hunting where I actually saw a Bigfoot walk down the mountain towards an old tram line.

  4. Mr. Cliff, talk to the forest. Dont worry about your tec, but be a friend. There are hot spots all over to find them. As per your question of wood knocks! I was gifted one of there knockers. Big thick beautiful pice of wood. Something like that just dont appear miles from no where.


    Oregon Chris

  5. Wow Cliff, even with jet lag you're getting those field notes written. I enjoy them, it's neat to read what else goes on that doesn't make the final cut. You need to get back to Ky and check out Natural Bridge for Bigfoot. There have got to be some there. Hiking mountains, trees, plenty of suitable Sasquatch habitat.

  6. Cliff - When I saw this episode I was surprised to see you guys practically in my backyard! My family used to go camping down there several times every summer (I remember walking that bridge as a kid before the tornado), and my dad and brother used to archery hunt in Allegheny a lot. I've never had any experiences, but my dad once told me about a time he heard some weird sounds while tracking down a deer he shot with an arrow. They spooked him and he's never heard sounds like that before or since.