Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2007 West Virginia Footprint

This footprint was found by the witness about 50 yards from Canaan Loop Road near Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia. The area is mainly used by mountain bikers, bear hunters, and hikers. The witness left the gravel road to do some off-trail hiking when he stumbled across this miniscule footprint in the mud. No information was given as to if there were others, or the step length. The location is three or four miles away from the nearest house, according to the investigating researcher.

For more information and analysis on this footprint, click this link.

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  1. I wanted to share my wife's and my experiences in that area with you. My wife and I have come across a bigfoot a couple times when in this area. I am from Tucker Co. and we travel to Davis and Blackwater Falls constantly. Actually own my grandmother's home in Davis which we are selling.The first encounter was way back in 1975 or so. We were camping outside of town and exploring the areas outside of Davis and Thomas. While traveling through a creek bed in my van (because the vegetation was very thick and with no trails) all of a sudden something jumped down from a rock cliff to our left about 50 ft in front of us. It stopped and stood right in the middle of the bed and stared at us. I stopped my van and we then witnesses 5 smaller ones cross the creek bed from left to right. They went down a hill and behind a fallen tree. Then the larger one followed. The entire time this was going on, we were hearing a screaming or screeching sound coming from the top of the rocks to the left where the others came from. My wolf/husky kept looking it that direction.I approached the spot where they crossed and stopped the van again. At this time I got out and stood in the exact place where the larger one stood. The area felt cooler and there was a very foul smell. The screeching continued.I looked down the hill to where the smaller ones went and there and behold I watched as the 5 infants stuck their heads up from behind the fallen tree. They were as fascinated by me as I was of them. Then they went into the woods.The larger one was about 7 ft tall with reddish brown hair all over the body. The smaller ones were around 3 to 4 ft tall. My wife and I believe that we saw a female and 5 infants and that the sound from on top of the rocks could have been the father. We have heard this same screeching years later in 2013 and again in 2014 within 5 miles from this first encounter. There are 2 towns located next to Blackwater Falls State Park called Davis and Thomas. Rose Hill cemetery is located across the Blackwater river just outside of Thomas. I spend a lot of time there as well as it's surrounding woods. We have heard the screeching as well as found a tree structure that resembles a teepee. In 2013 we were returning to Davis from the Canaan Valley (the other side of Davis) just after dark and something very large crossed the road in front of our car. We almost hit it. It was very huge and not a bear, black or dark brown, and it took 3 bounds to cross a 2 lane road with gravel on either side. I know there are bigfoots in this area. No doubt that what we have witnessed is a reality.