Monday, March 25, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Three - Tennessee Field Notes

Scott Carpenter's photograph

Tennessee has a long history of bigfoot encounters, and many interesting bullet points in the bigfoot history books as well. One of the very first bigfoot websites I ever encountered was Mary Green's website on which she called herself the Tennessee Bigfoot Lady. While I have never met Mary, I have friends who have, and they speak of her in good terms. Also from Tennesse was the Janice Carter habituation case, probably the first that most bigfooters would have heard of. While many bigfooters have doubts about what both of the above women have to say, I reserve judgment for cases where I know a little bit more about the people involved than what I've heard through the sometimes vicious bigfoot rumor mill (being a frequent victim of this rumor mill has taught me its inaccurate nature).

The evidence that brought the Finding Bigfoot team to Tennessee was a trail camera photograph obtained by Scott Carpenter on May 29, 2012. The camera was not a motion-activated camera as is often deployed by hunters throughout North America, but rather a camera that takes one photograph every minute until the memory card is full, or the batteries die. It is rare that this kind of camera is deployed, but I think these show promise in our collective endeavor of capturing footage of sasquatches.

Click here to read more about the TN evidence and eyewitness reports.


  1. I agree that knowing more about the people involved helps with perspective of the events. Also any photographic evidence only adds to the Bigfoot endeavor. Thanks for sharing. Btw loved your Japanese bass thing tonight on the show.Bigfoot love, elanatorres

  2. Appreciate the notes Cliff, It's good to have these for reading material & Study, Very interesting to say the least. I do read them all.. Thank You!!

  3. I love all your adventures but my first instinct seeing this photo says no, not a Bigfoot, more like someone in monkey suit or actual monkey. Other than that, keep up the great finds! :)

  4. Hey Cliff.....thanks for the link to our site in the Tennessee field notes....thats a big shot in the arm for us . Keep up the good work and come see us when you can.....

  5. Waiting for the team to hit Fouke hard and heavy!!!