Saturday, March 2, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Three - South Dakota Field Notes

Typical terrain on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

The expedition to South Dakota really taught be a lot about how adaptable bigfoots can be. I had very few expectations as to what kind of terrain we would encounter on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, but when I got there I really was taken aback. Far from being the moist, cool, forested habitat one envisions when thinking about bigfoots, this part of South Dakota was harsh, dry, open fields with hardly any cover beyond brush and shrubs. On top of all of this, when we visited the location it was well over 100 degrees during the day. What was going on here, and how could bigfoots call this place home?

As it turns out, while many bigfoots are seen in the open areas described above, they do not hang out in such places very long. Bigfoots in this area seem to spend most of their time in the deep, narrow river valleys that wind through the reservation. They are seen out in the open as they cross the plains between these canyons under the cover of night, or sometime alongside roads as they snake besides the larger rivers.

Since all the tributaries that are at the bottom of these valleys empty into only a few larger rivers, these hidden valleys are all connected. Many have water flowing in them for most of the year, and all of them are thick with cover with plentiful food.


  1. I was always under the impression that most activity in South Dakota was further north in the Corson County/Standing Rock Reservation area. Wrong again, drat.

  2. I have to agree with you Cliff about Bigfoot habitat. I think as long as there is some forested area nearby and good water sources, preferably rivers or large creeks, then Bigfoots just may be in the area at least from time to time, especially if there are vegetable, livestock, or orchard farms in the area. I live in a rural agricultural area of SE Ohio, however it is ripe with three rivers and numerous creeks providing avenues. Every so often someone reports high strangeness and visual and I have even found some compelling evidence in an area one would never suspect.

    It is frustrating at times watching FB when you are hearing some remarkable sounds and though the recording equipment does get something from time to time, they usually fail miserably compared to the human ear.