Monday, March 4, 2013

A Comparative Analysis of the Umatilla Calls

The spectogram of the Umatilla Calls

Bigfooting is a road that necessitates a wide knowledge base.  Though I often work alone, I also lean heavily on the experiences and expertise of others.  I am fortunate to have a very tight inner circle of colleagues that I consult with on a variety of matters.  One of these inner-circle colleagues has done an excellent analysis of the Umatilla Calls that were featured so heavily in the media recently.  This colleague is a biologist who chooses to remain anonymous at this time.  I will respect this wish.

Spoiler alert...  They're probably fox calls.


  1. coyote. i m not sure why you need collegues to help u with this! Ive heard coyotes make some crazy sounds. surely you know this too

  2. I am bookmarking this blog entry as a standard for myself. Excellent job. This recording went viral and even Moneymaker tweeted that the tribe should charge for BF researchers to record there. Thanks for clearing the nonsense! This of course does not address the possibility that Bigfoots do mimic known animals and well, but it does model for all the first path, that of identifying the know possibilities. From there further investigation may show behavioral or physical evidence that might leave one still questioning. Sound is not something we will ever prove Bigfoot with, unless the source of the sound is also filmed or observed. But, it can inform the researchers and this level of understanding should be the goal. Good job, now if somehow this level of thinking could be translated to that TV show...!

  3. First Anon above: Because saying it is something is different than showing it is something. If we could just take someone's word for everything, bigfoots would already be a proven species. Only through evidence and analysis can truth be discerned through the filters of subjectivism.


    PS... Probably fox, not coyote. That was addressed in the article.

    1. I grew up in Umatilla County hearing Bigfoot howls, screams, jabbering, whoops, grunting and growling. I've seen trees shaking, heard tree knocking, rocks clacking, and been close enough to smell them and feel and hear heavy footfalls, been stalked and mimicked, but never seen one. Most of this in the Blue Mountains part of the County. My Father has seen two different Sasquatch in his lifetime. I know for a fact they exist. The work of Dr. Meldrum and other Academics have shown overwhelming proof also.

  4. I grew up in Umatilla county, and have heard Squatch screams, jabbering, whoops, grunts and growls, tree shaking and knocking, been stalked and mimicked, close enough to smell them, but never seen one. Mostly in the Blue Mountains region of the county. My father has seen two in his lifetime. I know for a fact they exist. With the work of Dr. Meldrum and other academics, I believe the evidence is overwhelming also.

  5. A lot of good work was done here thanks for all of the info and how it all fits together.

  6. I'm not surprised that the sounds are likely a fox, or that the local people did not recognize them as such. I have not heard the sounds, but I've hunted and worked in the woods all my life, and I have found that the majority of people, even those who live in rural areas, are unaware of all of the various sounds that reclusive animals such as foxes, bobcats, etc. can produce. Red foxes can even produce a shrill, loud scream that is often times interpreted here in the south as the scream of a panther. I've been called in to check out "panther screams" many times, and I have even seen the foxes make the sound. By the way, I recently read a European paper describing the ability of bears to whistle. That one took me by surprise.

    I think perhaps some people may have been offended because the sounds were probably not made by a Sasquatch, but there is no reason to be. The source of the noises doesn't take away from the existence of Sasquatches in that region, and in the spirit of true research, we must search for and fully disclose the truth of any incident, sighting, etc., regardless of how those results turn out.