Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Three - West Virginia Field Notes

Typical bigfoot habitat in West Virginia
The West Virginia expedition was one that I very much looking forward to. I had heard numerous excellent accounts out of this state before, but had only had the opportunity to drive through its mountains on the way to other locations. I knew the habitat was excellent for bigfoots, and I was most anxious to give it a try for myself.

The evidence that brought us to West Virginia came in the form of a couple of photographs taken by a young man named David Stennes. Seven years ago when David was only ten years old, he was outside playing near the wood line. Some noises caught his attention a short distance inside the woods. David could see that the source of the noises was a very large man-shaped figure that appeared to be covered with hair. The creature was very slowly walking parallel to the clearing from right to left. He stared at it in disbelief for a few moments before running into his nearby house and grabbing a camera. This took only 30 seconds or so, and soon he was able to snap three quick photographs of the figure.


  1. Cliff, I'm glad the team and you had a good visit here in WV! Wow! I'd have to agree 100 percent! Bob and James accounts were awesome! When intervening,or even just talking to someone that's witnessed a BF,its so cool to see there eyes light up,and tell their account. I could really tell these men seen something that they will probably remember for a long time.
    I used to be so bummed out,thinking I'm in the middle of a NO BF zone! As of two days ago,I had some information come to light,that may prove otherwise. Time will tell. Thanks for all the great info Cliff!

  2. I've heard coyotes sound like hundreds when it was only a dozen or so. I believe in Sasquatch. I also believe in hype to make a buck. Spent most the 40 years of my life in the woods with my grandad, dad, and now my son. I trapped for several years in the 90's till my "liberal" state banned it. You dump a bunch of guts in the woods and don't expect coyotes to call like they're in the hundreds? Are you serious? When I fish for big bass I don't use night-crawlers or "chum" the water. Guarantee I'll catch a lot of perch and smaller fish but the big fish, no. Your baiting in my opinion is flawed. The fact you heard the coyotes blow up should've told you there was no Squatch around. The "dogs" have no love for them and don't do much "talking" when they're around...common sense.

  3. I think your team should have followed up with the gentleman that claimed to see one near Seneca Rocks. That area is more likely to support a squatch due to it's proximity to Dolly Sods which is a very large, uninhabited section of the Monogahela National Forest and Spruce Knob.