Monday, January 28, 2013

Loren Coleman's New Blog

Author, researcher, and friend, Loren Coleman has centralized his essays and writings into a new platform for the cryptozoological world to enjoy.  His fans can now read his most recent essays, as well as his archived works, at the CryptoZooNews blog.

Being the most prolific writer in any cryptozoological field, (including my favorite, the bigfooting one) nearly everyone in this biz has read one or more of Loren's many books.  His tomes on Tom Slick and the early days of bigfooting set a standard of research rarely matched by other crypto-historians.  He has been researching his interests for literally decades, and knows, or has met, just about everyone else who shares his love for the unknown creatures that live in the dark corners of our planet.

I think it's fair to say that we can expect good things from Loren in the future as he pursues his passions on his own platform.  I have added his new blog to my blog list below, and will be reading it faithfully.

Click here to go to Loren Coleman's CryptoZooNews blog.


  1. Cliff - fellow PNWerner here. I appreciate you sharing where we can find LC's blogging. I've already subscribed.

    All the best.

  2. Cliff,,Thanks for sharing this! Mr Coleman is a very knoledgable individual in the crypto world. I truly dig a lot of his work.

  3. Thank you, Cliff, for this kind re-direction notice.

    In my first message at, I mention my thanks and praise for the foundation significance of CM. At my old blogging location, I left a message of where to find me to all my old friends there, but the owner immediately took it down. I have been unceremoniously removed from any access to the site and from my old postings. I appreciate you noting that I still live on. :-)

  4. I don't get it. Your message of where to find you should be left up for 6 months. I am pleased to be a new reader of your interesting findings and stories.