Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Three - Louisiana Field Notes

The Finding Bigfoot cast posing with the mud bogging drivers.

Western Louisiana is an interesting mix of pine forest, hardwood lowlands, and swampy river bottoms. The various habitats offer a tremendous number of food sources for all sorts of creatures that call this area home. The food items on a bigfoot’s menu would include deer, hogs, snakes, fish, insects, and a multitude of plant species.

Many more bigfoot reports come out of neighboring Texas and Oklahoma than from the Bayou State. This seems strange to me since most of the reports from both Texas and Oklahoma come from near the border of Louisiana. I suspect this is because of a human factor, and not a bigfoot one. Perhaps the culture of western Louisiana is less apt to share experiences with bigfoot for fear of ruining their reputation, or maybe for another reason that is unknown to me.

The mayor of Zwolle, LA, a man named GJ Pie Martinez, invited us to his small town to look into a cluster of reports from nearby. Some of the townspeople had reported running into bigfoots in the rural areas outside of town.


  1. The Finding Bigfoot Team is certainly doing a great job is providing facts & evidence, though not the hard evidence but nevertheless you are providing some proof, Entertaining, Excellent cast, Keep on SQUATCHIN'!!

  2. Living on the east side of the Sierra's in Genoa NV we had stories of creatures in the mountains and I was fascinated as a child. I really enjoy this show. They find new species of animals all the time so it is not too far fetched to believe in Bigfoot. Thank you for your interest and research and bringing it into our living rooms!

  3. Great show!! I'm totally looking forward to the WV episode. That's my backyard lol. Greenbrier is a great area lately I've heard. I think we may have a couple passing through here. Very intermittent tho. I'm starting to think,from personal research,perhaps if nothing else,,these awesome entity's may be more local to many people than they would ever think! Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks for the good work of helping us to discover bigfoot. We have heard it's footsteps and my husband saw it one night. Seems it shows up when you least expect it and on dark, desolate and late nights.