Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Season Three - Colorado Field Notes

Cliff Barackman and Gary Bouvier

Colorado was supposed to be the last episode to be filmed on our last run at the end of June, 2012. However, there were raging wildfires throughout much of the area at that time, so we had to postpone the filming. We were able to go to the area the following September.

The evidence that brought us to Colorado was a piece of 8mm film footage that was taken in 1962. To my knowledge, this is the earliest footage that purports to show a possible bigfoot, predating the Patterson/Gimlin Film by five years. The footage is owned by Gary Bouvier, but he did not film it. His father filmed the footage while on a boy scout backpacking trip. Gary was on this trip, but he was just a 13-year-old boy at the time.


  1. Thanks for explaining about Amber's dog. I was curious why it wasn't mentioned on the show.

  2. Cliff,thanks for sharing your thoughts and findings with us. This is obviously a fantastic film! With the subject far away and kind of blurry,I think the account of Gary really speaks volumes. His father being unnerved,the strict talk at the camp,,fascinating to say the least!!
    On another topic,,just watched the WV episode. That was awesome!! Can't wait for the notes on this one. I've been spooking about the Ohio river valley for years. I'm glad to see y'all find our area certifiable BF stomping ground!!

  3. Love the show Cliff! Some episodes you guys catch thermal of something's that looks like it might be a Squatch. Why don't you guy's go over the footage or captured audio at the end of the show more? Being a fan I want to see those images and hear the audio again the producers always cut to commercial...thanks loyal fan!

  4. Since I'm a railroader I'm curious if a bigfoot has been seen or hit by a train. Today's locomotives have forward facing cameras that would record the action.

  5. When do you guys plan to start makin a new season I have been goin nuts that there hasnt been any episodes on! Please please start another hunt for the big foot soon!!!!