Thursday, December 13, 2012

Finding Bigfoot - The Sierra Spy Field Notes

The Hairy Man Pictographs on the Tule Indian Reservation

The Sierras expedition was the first to be filmed for the season’s run that started in late February, 2012 and ended on June 30, 2012. I was looking forward to doing some bigfooting in the Sierras again, as it had been a couple years since I had the opportunity. When I lived in Long Beach, CA, I regularly visited the Sierras to do bigfooting, but hadn’t been there since I moved to Portland, OR in 2008.

The evidence that brought us to the Sierras was the bigfoot “face smudge” that hit the media in June of 2011. As the story goes, a paranormal group went on a bigfooting trip, and when they returned to their vehicle a couple days later they found smudges on their car that resembled marks that could have been left by a bigfoot’s face and hands. I had always thought the most likely culprit for leaving the smudges was a bear, but it was certainly worth looking into a bit more closely. Ranae and I were presented the opportunity to interview Allen Thomas in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Shaver Lake about the event.

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  1. Yeah I too had my own doubts about the "prints." My opinion is that it was NOT a Squatch.

  2. Were you in the area of the reported "Sierra Kills"? I was surprised it wasn't mentioned in the show.

  3. No, we were nowhere near the Sierra Kills Site. It is very far to the north of our location. The Sierras are a very long mountain range...


  4. Hey cliff I seen your thing on the game camera and a few points on the lights made sense to keep small animals from triggering it what do you think about the motion sensor like on a home alarm system that won't pick up things under so many pounds

  5. Hey cliff, it's great you guys were in the area that the Ron Moore head Sierra sounds came from. That is some of the greatest vocalizations ever recorded if your not sure about Bigfoot have a look at those recordings, it's amazing!!!