Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finding Bigfoot - Dances with Bigfoot Field Notes

When people think of Arizona, they often imagine the harsh landscape associated with the Sonoran Desert in the southern portion of the state. However, much of the northern portion consists of high altitude plateaus with expansive pine forests that make for perfect bigfoot habitat. The number of reports that come from this area clearly indicates a thriving population of our hairy friends in the Grand Canyon State.

Cliff Barackman with the Arizona landscape behind him.

The evidence that brought us to Arizona was a video obtained by Mitch Waite, a former United States military employee who spends his retirement years enjoying the outdoors. The video was taken by a Moultrie Game Camera at a remote location that Mitch and his team have been targeting for bigfoot research for four years. Over the time that Mitch has been researching this spot, he and his team claim to have had numerous encounters consisting of vocalizations, camp visitations, footprints, and even a couple sightings.

With a year-round spring trickling through the valley, there is certainly enough plant and animal life to keep bigfoots coming back to this location. The terrain would be very strategic for sasquatches because the valley has steep walls that would be perfect to observe campers down below. While a couple ranches can be found in the general vicinity, the nearest one is a half mile up the only road in or out of this location. This valley is a quiet place with few visitors, and any visitors that come would be easily monitored by the local wildlife.

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  1. Hello Cliff. I hope this finds you well, Sir. In regard to Mitch and his team, I am astonished at the amount of date they have collected over the years. It just goes to show that visiting and studying a given area over time (such as the TBRC in Oklahoma and their success), will produce fantastic results. Well, and a tad bit of "luck" helps. My question for you concerns the BF "nest" that Mitch found...Have you or your team ever encountered such a structure(s) as he has found before? And if so, were they similiar? A BFRO recent report ( besides the individual running into an enormous male BF, he also reported seeing "some sort of nest on the ground". I have inquired to the BFRO investigator as to what this structure looked like but have yet to hear back. Anywho, I would love to get your two cents on this? Thanks for your time. Les Williams, USAF Retired, South, MS.

    1. Brush and downed trees are routinely gathered for fire control in this area and look similar to the "nest" with the possible exception of the grasses.
      Note Mitch is about 240lbs, with knee problems, and accompanied by an assortment of people all ages. He is within a hundred yards of a road, in an area easily accessed. It is day. The "BF baby" he concludes with almost no effort, is alone, on the ground, in an open area.
      Do you think Sasquatch has survived hidden so long by leaving infants in obvious structures on the ground unattended in the day? Wouldn't we have more evidence, like captured baby Bigfoots?
      Note also, Mitch can't get through the tunnel easily and he is smaller than an adult Bigfoot. Note also his limited attempt with IR source as filming to determine what resides inside, most probably some critter that normally burrows in brush: coati mundi, fox, coyote, raccoon, etc.
      Doesn't it bother you the "investigation" was so casual and unconcerned? There was no investigation because it wasn't a Bigfoot nest.
      Mitch is not well versed in the local fauna or flora and his imagination is without limit. He claims to have 40 "members" on his team. I know he sometimes has his grandson with him, or a brother, or cousin, whoever he can beg to show up. He has invited anyone he can to get publicity, and trashed, that potential area according to several local Bigfoot researchers.
      I don't think he ever publicly acknowledged the death of a visiting BF enthusiast (probably one of his claimed members) and I can't figure out why. Alex Hearn another "group" (AZCRO) with one member and a website/podcast at least had the decency to memorialize his passing.
      Does he still claim there are no coyotes in that area, or certain birds? Does he confess to the very public and accessible nature of the area he refers to as so remote and dangerous? That doesn't sell, and his goal is to sell, sell, sell.
      He is up to 4 DVDs of his compiled youtubes. The best of which you saw on Finding Bigfoot.
      His mental disconnect on Cliff's evaluation of the Ice Chest video, stating that makes it "an official Bigfoot video," and his hope (see below) it will be as famous as the PG film is alarming.
      Extrapolate, he's not a researcher, hes a huckster. He recently started a Facebook page about UFOs and claims to have been the "guy with his finger on the missile button to stop UFOs." Come on guys, think!
      Finding Bigfoot, please stop this nonsense, he isn't the only one. Even if you can't Find Bigfoot you can reveal BS.

  2. Cliff, I've lived in AZ all my life and when I was a kid, my brother told me about the Mogollon Monster which is a local name for bigfoot in our state. They have a website also:

  3. Hopefully as folks embrace the reality of Sasquatch, they will also begin to understand the extremely broad and varied distribution of these amazing animals across the country and world living well from remote areas all the way to inside city limits where you would hardly believe.

  4. I read your entire article and appreciate the even handed, but eventual, dismissal of this video. It has been well known among many for years as probably his grandson, or the campers in the next site. His early YouTube did mention those nearby campers, but that inforamtion has faded from the re-tellings. Mitch's passion for the topic and willingness to present misleading information and tell tall tales makes him an untrustworthy source IMO, although prolific.
    His claims need to be taken with a grain of salt. Here is a recent example from the forum Apparently he did not read your article and I wish you would let him know, as it is troubling so many researchers are so, put kindly really, out of touch.

    Quote from Azcro.lefora:

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    WA HOO! I woke up this morning to find my self on the local news channel! Channel 5 (CBS-KPHO) was interviewing Cliff Barackman from Finding Bigfoot about Sasquatch in Arizona. And, there I was! They used the section from Season 3 Epesode 5 of me and my Bigfoot in the Ice Chest video. It now appears I am a ligitimate local Bigfoot video owner. Hopefully, it will become as famous as the Patterson film.

    end quote.

    @ozum: Then you might recognize this story Mitch tells as his own: he claims to have been pulled from an icy river as a boy by a hairy arm. He may have given that one up by now as many know it as a tale told round many church and boyscout campfire for generations.