Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finding Bigfoot - Bigfoot and Wolverines Field Notes

This cast was collected by our witness,
Nathaniel, near his home in Clare County, MI.

With over 19 million forested acres, Michigan is excellent bigfoot habitat. The landscape is dotted with swamps and small bodies of water giving rise to numerous feeding sites for both herbivores and the animals that feed upon them. Throughout the spring and summer, the forests are rich with life. During the harsh winter months,cedar bogs offer a warmer, more temperature-stable environment into which animals can retreat. These habitats are critical for both white tailed deer and snowshoe hares, both species I suspect bigfoots rely on for their survival. Other large mammals that are found in the Great Lake State are moose, gray wolf, cougar, and lynx.

The phone call that brought us to Michigan was made by Silas Ward. He daughter, Shawna, was driving home from work when something seemingly hit the left side of her car with a loud thud. She got out of the vehicle to look at what happened and found a branch lying next to the car, and there was a dent and series of scratches in the dust on the door. She became frightened, so she called her father to come out to meet her at the location. Silas brought out a spotlight, with which he proceeded to scan the forest line. A short distance away, the two saw a shadowy humanoid figure standing in a patch of honey locust. Its eye glow was distinct, while the details of the body were hidden in the shadows. The figure simply turned and walked away into the forest, but broke a large branch as it left.

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