Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finding Bigfoot - Bigfoot and Wolverines Field Notes

This cast was collected by our witness,
Nathaniel, near his home in Clare County, MI.

With over 19 million forested acres, Michigan is excellent bigfoot habitat. The landscape is dotted with swamps and small bodies of water giving rise to numerous feeding sites for both herbivores and the animals that feed upon them. Throughout the spring and summer, the forests are rich with life. During the harsh winter months,cedar bogs offer a warmer, more temperature-stable environment into which animals can retreat. These habitats are critical for both white tailed deer and snowshoe hares, both species I suspect bigfoots rely on for their survival. Other large mammals that are found in the Great Lake State are moose, gray wolf, cougar, and lynx.

The phone call that brought us to Michigan was made by Silas Ward. He daughter, Shawna, was driving home from work when something seemingly hit the left side of her car with a loud thud. She got out of the vehicle to look at what happened and found a branch lying next to the car, and there was a dent and series of scratches in the dust on the door. She became frightened, so she called her father to come out to meet her at the location. Silas brought out a spotlight, with which he proceeded to scan the forest line. A short distance away, the two saw a shadowy humanoid figure standing in a patch of honey locust. Its eye glow was distinct, while the details of the body were hidden in the shadows. The figure simply turned and walked away into the forest, but broke a large branch as it left.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finding Bigfoot - Dances with Bigfoot Field Notes

When people think of Arizona, they often imagine the harsh landscape associated with the Sonoran Desert in the southern portion of the state. However, much of the northern portion consists of high altitude plateaus with expansive pine forests that make for perfect bigfoot habitat. The number of reports that come from this area clearly indicates a thriving population of our hairy friends in the Grand Canyon State.

Cliff Barackman with the Arizona landscape behind him.

The evidence that brought us to Arizona was a video obtained by Mitch Waite, a former United States military employee who spends his retirement years enjoying the outdoors. The video was taken by a Moultrie Game Camera at a remote location that Mitch and his team have been targeting for bigfoot research for four years. Over the time that Mitch has been researching this spot, he and his team claim to have had numerous encounters consisting of vocalizations, camp visitations, footprints, and even a couple sightings.

With a year-round spring trickling through the valley, there is certainly enough plant and animal life to keep bigfoots coming back to this location. The terrain would be very strategic for sasquatches because the valley has steep walls that would be perfect to observe campers down below. While a couple ranches can be found in the general vicinity, the nearest one is a half mile up the only road in or out of this location. This valley is a quiet place with few visitors, and any visitors that come would be easily monitored by the local wildlife.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Finding Bigfoot - The Sierra Spy Field Notes

The Hairy Man Pictographs on the Tule Indian Reservation

The Sierras expedition was the first to be filmed for the season’s run that started in late February, 2012 and ended on June 30, 2012. I was looking forward to doing some bigfooting in the Sierras again, as it had been a couple years since I had the opportunity. When I lived in Long Beach, CA, I regularly visited the Sierras to do bigfooting, but hadn’t been there since I moved to Portland, OR in 2008.

The evidence that brought us to the Sierras was the bigfoot “face smudge” that hit the media in June of 2011. As the story goes, a paranormal group went on a bigfooting trip, and when they returned to their vehicle a couple days later they found smudges on their car that resembled marks that could have been left by a bigfoot’s face and hands. I had always thought the most likely culprit for leaving the smudges was a bear, but it was certainly worth looking into a bit more closely. Ranae and I were presented the opportunity to interview Allen Thomas in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Shaver Lake about the event.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Brown Footage

This is a frame from the Brown Thermal Footage
with the contrast and brightness enhanced.
The polarity has been reversed, so black is hot.

On May 8, 2012, a very interesting piece of thermal footage was obtained by Stacy Brown Sr. in Florida. His son, Stacy Brown Jr., contacted me a while back to ask for my help with trying to authenticate the footage. Knowing that no footage can ever be proven to be a bigfoot beyond a doubt (some folks still doubt the Patterson/Gimlin Film, after all) I set about trying to extract as much information out of the clip as possible. Perhaps some of this information could shed some light on whether or not the clip could even be considered as real. Below are my thoughts and conclusions on this remarkable piece of footage.

The Brown Footage

This interesting clip of video was obtained by a father and son team from Florida on May 8, 2012, sometime between midnight and 1 am. Stacy Brown Sr. and Jr. are the minds behind the website, The Sasquatch Hunters. The two men were bigfooting somewhere on the panhandle of Florida around the town of Quincy on the night they got their footage. The exact location is between the property where the Bridges have their ongoing encounters, and where I recorded a “whoop” vocalization last year.

The night the two men were camping, they tried a passive approach by simply having a campfire and playing loud music on a stereo. Every once in a while the duo would go for walks without using any lights. No other campers or people of any sort were ever observed on that night, and both witnesses are sure they were the only people present.

Stacy Brown Sr. was armed with a FLIR Scout thermal imager with which he was continually scanning the nearby woods. He had the polarity switched on the FLIR, so that the warm things in the viewfinder appeared black as opposed to the more commonly used white.

At some point in the evening, they heard some knocks, so they walked in that direction. Every time they heard noises, it seemed like it was just a little bit ahead of them, no matter how far they went. Stacy Sr. then saw a heat signature from behind some trees a little ways off into the palmettos. Whatever it was stepped briefly out into the open. What Stacy Sr. saw was a large, man-shaped figure take one long step and disappear into the brush. He turned to his son who had not seen the figure at all and said, “We gotta go.”

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