Friday, November 9, 2012

Finding Bigfoot - New Season Starts Sunday Night

It's been a long time since new episodes of Finding Bigfoot have aired, but the wait is now over.  New episodes will begin this Sunday night, November 11th at a special time with a special treat.  Before the first "regular" episode (if there is such a thing) at 10 pm, there will be a one-hour behind-the-scenes special at 9 pm.

This special episode was filmed in September in Puyallup, WA.  It features the executive producer of Finding Bigfoot at Animal Planet, Keith Hoffman, interviewing us four cast members about the show.  Included will be behind-the-scenes shots from the "set" of Finding Bigfoot, glimpses of the new episodes, as well as scenes that didn't make the final edit of the various episodes.  I think you'll really enjoy what you see.

Following this episode will be the season premiere of the new episodes.  We're opening with our Idaho expedition where we investigate the Mink Creek Footage, and head over to Dr. Jeff Meldrum's laboratory at Idaho State University for a visit.

As always, you can look forward to my field notes at some point after the episode to hear my thoughts on what filming was like in this location.  Since I'm currently filming episodes on the road, I will not be able to do my video debriefs with Craig Flipy, though.  Besides, he's busy putting the final edits on a DVD release that we have put together.  More on that as the release gets closer!

One final thought: time zones are funny things...  Be sure to check your local listings for air times!

The set of the special episode to be aired Sunday.


  1. Yes! I will definitely be watching both new episodes :)

  2. Yahoo--field notes! I love that part of the season. You can be sure that I am pushing everyone to join the F'ing Bigfoot addiction. Watching you guys hit the road and question locals and poke around the woods is living vicariously. Thanks for doing such a miserable job (lucky dog)!

  3. My Cable package no longer includes Animal Planet so I will try and catch repeats of the show on the internet.

  4. Finally. The long wait was finally over Sunday. Great show!!! Very interesting to say the least. Can't wait for next week!! Good luck on the next outing!

  5. I was suprised by just how much I missed Finding Bigfoot. During the shows's long long absence....i found myself poking around the internet looking for clues about it's possible return. So happy now that it is back....and yet so sad that my neck of the woods is squatch free