Monday, November 12, 2012

Finding Bigfoot - Idaho Field Notes

The Idaho episode was filmed towards the end of June in 2012. It was the last to be filmed of the ten or so episodes for that particular run, so it's a little funny that it is the first one to be aired for this season.

We were actually on the road filming the season when I first heard of the Mink Creek footage. Brandon Tennant sent me a clip of it after he and Dr. Jeff Meldrum visited the location to do some on-site investigation and comparisons. Since the initial investigation by these two researchers didn't turn up any signs of the clip being a hoax, we got the producers on the trail and started the wheels in motion to do an Idaho episode.

The young men who filmed the Mink Creek footage were in high school at the time, but had now graduated and were moving on with their lives. When the footage was obtained, they were in the area doing erosion studies for one of the science classes. While walking across a hillside, one of them noticed a dark figure contrasting against the snowy background on the opposite side of the valley. After taking a few looks at the figure and agreeing that it looked very unusual, they got out a video camera and started recording it just before they lost sight of it.

After filming the figure, the witnesses made their way up to the location where the creature was seen walking. They had some difficulty getting up there through the thick brush and sometimes-knee-deep snow. Upon arrival, they found where the creature had walked and photographed one footprint left in the snow. Having this piece of corroborating evidence was very important for this case.

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  1. Cliff,

    The interesting thing about Mink Creek is that it is very near to several other BF sightings. In fact, the Franklin Basin sighting that the snowplow driver had up Logan Canyon is very near to Mink Creek.

    The Franklin Basin road is a main drainage and wildlife corridor for the area. There have been several sightings on the Mink Creek/Franklin Basin road, several sightings in St. Charles Canyon (just over the hill) in Idaho and several at Bear Lake.

    Additionally each canyon moving south from Mink Creek also has sighting reports. Smithfield, Green and Logan canyon moving south to Providence, Millville and Porcupine Dam. That range of the Wasatch moving south towards Huntsville is rich in sightings, the Ogden Valley having three sightings in August of 2012.

    Keep it up.

    Michael Slade

    1. Logan Canyon is such a beautiful place. Seeing a sasquatch there would be like a bonus check because the nature is worth trip on its own

  2. Cliff, was wondering about the witness account.. where the two men came upon a crouched juvenile squatch, while thinking it was a beaver.. next to the Snake River . To your knowledge, did the men turn around and run (no shame in, or did they actually see the creature run down the embankment and into / or across the river ? Would have made for an interesting follow up in the episode, to an already interesting incident. Thanks !


  3. I sure hope you and the crew return in the future. I really enjoyed it.

  4. The Idaho episode is very interesting. The footage at Mink Creek is really compelling. As always, Finding Bigfoot is totally awesome! Just curious: what became of Bobo's dog, Monkey? 'Noticed he has not appeared on any episodes lately.

  5. Hey Cliff. Love the show. You and Ranae are the objective ones, and it is much appreciated, so keep it up.

  6. Cliff, the first new episode was awesome, not that I expected any less! I found the Mink Creek footage to be interesting but even with Dr. Meldrum's opinion on the ffot print I find the foot print to be very hoaxy (if that's a word) looking. If it was me and I had just caught some strange animal on film, I would've filmed the footprints to show more than one picture of an odd looking print. Maybe it's just an amatuer mistake as they weren't Bigfooting, or perhaps it was their youngness and fear, but me I would've chased that big boy down!

  7. Awesome show!! Nothing against anyone,,Cliff and Bobo IMO make the show. Keep it up guys!! Can't wait till next week.

  8. Cliff great job..if u really want to see one (Bigfoot) stop scares them off,like an alarm.the clapping,wood knocks,things like that will bring em and BoBo are the true backbone of the show.