Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Promising Location Near Boise, Idaho

I'm always keeping my eyes and ears open for promising locations to go bigfooting.  One of the most promising spots would be where the official transportation workers dump road kill.  A steady supply of food like road kill, especially during the winter months, would be a promising location to observe over the long run in case a local bigfoot utilizes the area for some easy pickings.  This is exactly what happened in Rhode Island where Nick saw his bigfoot.

This recent headline jumped out at me (perhaps that isn't the best way to put it in this case).  As it turns out, deer have been jumping off a bridge.  They think the reason is that the animals get frightened by oncoming vehicles and don't realize that there is no safe ground to land on, so they plummet to their deaths.  No matter what the cause, the result is that there are often dead deer under this bridge.  That sort of thing would eventually bring in scavengers, and quite possibly bigfoots.

If you happen to live near Boise, ID, and you have some extra time on your hands, I would like to encourage you to check this area out.  Go to the bridge area and do some knocks or calls.  Hike down to the water and look for footprints along the reservior.  Utilize this natural chum to see if it's bringing in any bigfoots.  The habitat looks promising, especially after seeing what kind of habitat bigfoots occupy in Idaho, and winter is upon us.  The big guys might be using this as an easy meal source to help them get through the lean times.  We won't know unless somebody looks into it.  Why not you?  Be ready for a long-term effort, if this pans out at all.

If you go there, please contact me and tell me how it went.  Perhaps I can help in some way.  Also, perhaps you know of an area where collected road kill is regularly dumped.  I'd absolutely love to know the location of any such meaty gold mine.

Here's the article that caught my attention:

Wildlife officials mystified over hundreds of deer regularly jumping to their deaths off 120-foot Idaho bridge

The gruesome scene under the bridge

The frightening scene of hundreds of deer jumping to their deaths off a 120-foot bridge in Idaho is bewildering wildlife officials who are finding themselves at a loss on what to do.  With motorists and state officials catching sight of the deers' tragic leap and fall off High Bridge, just east of Boise, witnesses are rallying for some way to prevent their tragic deaths.

'I've seen it myself and some of our staff have seen it too,' Evin Oneale, a manager with the Idaho Fish and Game Development told KBOI.

Click here to read the rest of the article.  Ungulate lovers beware...  There is a pretty crazy video of deer jumping for it at the above link.  

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  1. More's Creek Bridge. I know it well. I've often seen dozens of deer feeding in the pastures a mile or so west of the bridge. It's the only way for them to cross the creek, now that Lucky Peak Reservoir backs up into there. And the bridge is very narrow with a lot of traffic. As far as squatches, there is much boat and vehicular traffic, even at night.