Friday, October 19, 2012

Bigfoot Discovery Day V

If you live anywhere close to Felton, CA (in the redwoods right outside of Santa Cruz), you should make your way over next weekend for Bigfoot Discovery Day V. This is an event that you will not want to miss, especially since it's being held on the anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin Film, and will feature an important piece of bigfooting history.

Here is a description of the festivities written by the event's host, Mike Rugg:

Consider this a personal invitation to our bigfoot gathering coming up on the anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin Film here in Felton. We are making this a special event by showing the recently recovered "Big Reel"(as Mrs Patterson described it) for the first time since c.1970. It features Al DeAtley, John Napier and Patterson himself interviewing witnes
ses and introducing "Reel 2" (the actual film of the Sasquatch.)

There will be a panel of experts to discuss the PG Film including Bill Munns, Jeff Meldrum, Robert Leiterman and others. Also featured will be the first public showing of new evidence from Bart Cutino. Other "celebrity" bigfooters may also appear (TBA.)

Bigfoot Discovery Day V October 20, 2012
11-4 at the museum $5.00 (for BBQ lunch)
5-10 Patterson Film presentation and panel at Felton Town Hall
$20 each at the gate (members & seniors 18)
$15 advance ticket order (members & seniors 12)
Children under 12 free

PayPal tickets via:

Mike Rugg

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