Sunday, September 2, 2012

The London Trackway - Track #46

Track #46
Another track (number 46 out of 122) has been added to the London Trackway Index.  This footprint was not only photographed in the ground during the day and night, it was also later cast.  

The cast is very well defined.  It clearly shows all five toes, a well-defined ball, and the lateral side of the elongated heel has a very nicely rounded contour that seems very natural.  Much of this detail is visible in photographs on the track's page, though some is hard to see.  (Photographs are pretty lousy at showing such detail.)

The toes show striations that suggest a ragged edge to possible toenails.  In this cast, the striations are at slightly different angles with different curvatures suggesting individual toe movement.  

My commentary on this track, more photographs of the print in the ground before casting, as well as close-ups of interesting parts of the cast can be viewed by clicking this link.  


  1. Very well done. Boy, you know we're Bigfoot geeks when we get excited to see more castings as if it's the newest Foo Fighters album being released.

  2. Hi Cliff. Are you seeing any evidence of mid-tarsal breaks in these London Tracks? It's a little hard to tell from just looking at the pix.