Sunday, September 2, 2012

The London Trackway - Track #1

Track #1 of the London Trackway.  While just
a half-print, this is an interesting find.  Click for
a larger view.

I will be publishing stuff from the London Trackway in a somewhat random order.  I tend to do things as I please, in the order that I prefer.  Like a bigfoot, I am somewhat radical and anarchistic.  However, I thought that by starting out with a brief summary of track #1, I would be giving information in an order that would be expected.  Please don't expect the expected from me in the future.  I probably won't deliver.

Still, here is track #1 from the London Trackway.  The creature certainly stepped somewhere on the earth before this, but I was unable to figure out where.  It walked out of the dense forest, crossed a road, and traversed a grassy area where footprints were pretty much invisible.  Eventually, it pushed its foot into substrate that took an impression of just the forefoot.  That is where I picked up the trail, and where I was able to start documenting this track find.  This is where we begin our story with what I call "Track #1."

Please click this link for more information.  Also, realize that this track offers the least amount of information. The best is yet to come.  Check back here soon for more info...

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