Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Oregonian and I are Friends

This past week, I was in Los Angeles at the Television Critics Association's semi-annual press tour. The event is basically where various networks feature shows that they're trying to push, and a few hundred reporters have the opportunity to ask questions of people who are either on the shows, or work on the shows. Finding Bigfoot was the show that Animal Planet wanted to push, and the press was feisty with us, to say the very least. (Between Bobo telling them they were ignorant, and my explanation about the available evidence, however, we slowly won many in the crowd over by the end of a tense 20 minute panel.)

Before the panel discussion where the press went after us for thinking bigfoots are real creatures, the cast and I did various interviews for a number of media outlets.  Most of the interviews were based around the idea of, "Do you really think bigfoots are real?"  My patience and training as an elementary school teacher really came in handy for those...

The interview I was most looking forward to was one by The Oregonian. I knew that a reporter from the Northwest wouldn't scoff or poke fun at the idea of bigfoot like those from Los Angeles might. I was correct in my assumption, and reporter Kristi Turnquist and I had a very nice conversation. The following article is the result.

Cliff Barackman of 'Finding Bigfoot' -- 'Bigfoots live right outside of Portland'

Cliff Barackman, the Portlander who's part of the
"Finding Bigfoot" team on the hit Animal Planet series,
which returns with new episodes in November.

TV critics took on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot during a contentious panel at the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

For those who haven’t seen the show, it’s a bit like Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, only an expert team looks for Sasquatch instead of spooks. There are interviews, data crunching, mysterious footprints and a group hunting in the woods … but no actual bigfoot.

The press tour reporters have spent nearly two weeks in a hotel interviewing actors and executives promoting TV shows. So when Animal Planet rolls out this panel the critics are, understandably, thinking: Show us bigfoot or GTFO.

A critic points out: If these guys actually find bigfoot, such huge news is not going to really stay quiet until a regular episode of Finding Bigfoot airs. One asks: Has Animal Planet run out of real animals to do shows about? Yet another wonders: First Animal Planet airs a mermaids special, now this — isn’t Animal Planet damaging its brand with this stuff?

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  1. Nice job Cliffy! Like an LA reporter has spent anytime in the woods..

  2. I like bigfoots and I like the Finding Bigfoot show. I can hardly wait till they start showing it again. That's why they show it, because people like to watch it. If you don't like it, don't watch. But other people do like it, so the show should go on, (whether Bigfoot exists or not).

  3. You spent the last 2 seasons working on 3 Finding Bigfoot and didn't. You may have proved it to your own way of thinking but not to theirs. A nice clear daylight picture at 30 yards.Then LS reporters will flood the woods and your job will be done.

  4. Cliff, I watch every show over and over. You and the crew
    do a good job with the constraits on the time elements. I
    just wish you could get Matt to lighten up. I don't care how
    long he has been doing this, he really comes across as an
    airogant ass at times. And it really shows.

  5. Maybe Bigfoot is a sort of giant Lorax. He speaks for the woods. It doesn't matter if you ever find him, the point is to believe in the spirit of the ancient forests where he lives.

  6. Yeah! Looking forward to the new season. Much respect to all of you :)

  7. Way to use all of your skills together Cliff! An La reporter wouldn't know the difference between a sewer rat and any other animal let alone what or who a Bigfoot is.

    Good interview with Oregonian as well.

  8. The LA "DUDES" are so unfamiliar with the outdoors, camping, etc., etc., of course they're on a short rope with "squatching"....the instant gratification people......prove it or else....makes me wanna drive them about 25 miles out into the Alvord Desert and tell 'em to "hitch it" or go by shank's mare to get home.....