Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The London Tracks - Yet Another Update

Cliff Barackman and Jeff Meldrum in his laboratory.

Over the weekend of July 20 - 22, Craig Flipy and I took a bigfoot road trip to Pocatello, Idaho with twenty of the original London casts.  Dr. Jeff Meldrum invited us out to add the casts to the Idaho Virtualization Laboratory's (IVL) Virtual Footprint Archive.

After a long drive, Craig and I arrived on the campus of Idaho State University and met up with Dr. Meldrum.  He led us to the IVL where the staff manning the computers started the long process of scanning the individual casts.  Each cast took between eight and thirty minutes to scan, render, and process with the scanning software.  Several casts had to wait until the next morning to be scanned because of the lengthy process.

The scanner compiles its data into a visual image.

One of the London tracks in the rotating vice.  This spins
360 degrees so the scanner can capture data from all angles.
The cast would be later placed in the vice vertically to
complete the imaging.

Robert Schlader, assistant director of the IVL,
combines various scans into one image.

In the meantime, I have started my own analysis of the trackway.  I am currently writing my observations of the various footprints starting with the very first one in the mud and going in order.  I have completed about a dozen or so of these, but there is a lot of work still to do.

My analysis, photographs, and other data will eventually be made publicly available (and probably little by little as I finish digestible chunks).  As always, thank you for your patience.  More soon.

Craig Flipy and Jeff Meldrum


  1. Keep it up, Cliff. You are showing your devotion and commitment to the field.

  2. AMAZING and so exciting!! Keep us posted Cliff!

  3. hi cliff. im from the philippines. ive watched all two seasons of finding bigfoot largely because of you and bobo. and ive been following every bit abt bf ever since. keep up the amazing work. i believe :)

  4. So Cliff, when you went to see Jeff Meldrum were you able to give him the hair samples from Madison, Ohio that I forwarded to you? Just curious. Also would be I would be interested in learning a technique for making a cast of a cast as the Madison cast is readily available.
    Keep rocking the skeptics!

  5. Like your site. What drew me here was use of the word "former" BFRO member on the A.Planet web site. Will you be leaving the show or will you be part of it as a consultant?

  6. Hi there, Ive watched both seasons just wondering if you guys, and lady have ever talked about exploring the possibilities here in Colorado?