Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The London Trackway: First Publication

Print number 10 out of 122. 

The London Trackway has been huge for me in several ways.  First of all, it is, by far, the most significant thing I've been directly involved with.  That's saying something, too.  I've been to the site of more than two dozen supposed bigfoot films and videos, recorded close interactions with bigfoots on more than one continent, dealt with the who's-who of Bigfootland, and more.  Still, these prints are the best thing I have on my bigfooting resume.  

The casts and photographs from the event continue to astound me.  I have spent countless hours pouring over the minute details of the casts casts and pictures taken at the site, and I continually learn more from them at every inspection.  

It's not just me, either.  Every bigfooter that has seen the casts have all walked away from inspecting them with the impression that these are probably the real deal.  These bigfooters include Thom Powell, Guy Edwards, Toby Johnson, Joe Beelart, Autumn Williams, John Kirk, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Will Robinson,  Derek Randles, Daniel PerezDr. John Bindernagel, Dr. Leila Hadj-ChikhLarry Lund, James "Bobo" Fay, and more (some wish to remain anonymous). Several biologists that are not tied up in bigfoot have also examined them, and all have been very intrigued with what was observed.  

It should be noted that some prominent bigfooters have loudly declared the prints to have been hoaxed.  None of these so-called researchers have examined the casts first hand, and none have even asked to.  All of them are welcome to, but none have requested the opportunity.  I would encourage them to do so before making such rash judgments.  

Some of the prints impressed two inches or more into the ground, 
while some barely impressed a half inch.
  Quite a bit of differentiation was evident.

There is always an outside possibility that the London Tracks are the product of a very clever hoaxer with a very convincing set of fake prosthetic feet.  Even if this is the case, the London Trackway is a valid subject for a detailed study.  However, the more I study them, the more convinced I become that these are very likely authentic sasquatch footprints.

I once thought that I would be able to publish my findings after a certain number of months and be done with it.  I now realize that I won't be done with these casts for a long, long time.  New details continually come forth from unexpected avenues to entice my creative questioning along other lines.  These in turn lead me to other questions, and so on.  You get the idea.  

There's a lot of data here.  I'm just one guy, and I'm doing the best I can with what little time I've got.  

What I interpret as toenail striations in print number 94.

Now that I've finally realized that this is going to be an ongoing effort for quite some time, I've figured out that I have to publish my findings as I learn things, not when I have everything finished and completed.  So, I've started the publication of the London Trackway on my website.  

My website will now have an entire section devoted to the London Trackway.  There will be four sections in total.  One for the history, observations, photos, and an index.  The history section will briefly detail what transpired, though others have done this very well before I got to it.  The observations section will detail what I have personally observed in the casts.  This section will continually be updated as I see more and more in the casts, and also as others weigh in on the evidence presented.  The photographs will detail the observations I make, and also present the data in ways that I think are interesting or useful.  Finally, the index will show every footprint in the ground, as well as any casts that were taken of them.  This section will also include a short narrative of my interpretations of what can be observed in the casts or prints.  

This is an absolutely huge project, and far larger than I at first anticipated.  If you take this and compound it with the fact that I am already back on the road filming the NEXT (after next) season of Finding Bigfoot, well, I have a full plate in front of me.  Still, I feel that I've put this off as long as I can, and now it's time to start sharing my findings on this unique find of the London Trackway.  

I hope that you enjoy what I have found in these prints, but also that you continue to have patience with me as I slowly publish what I have found in them.  Slowly is the keyword here. There are numerous other things that continually distract me from the London tracks.  Just this past month alone I was sent two thermal image videos possibly showing bigfoots, along with three more vocalizations, three footprint casts, a few blobsquatches, and one still photograph that might be the real deal.  All of this combined with an upcoming DVD release with the help of Craig Flipy, and, well, you see that I'm entirely bogged down with bigfoot stuff coming out of my ears.  

Again, I'm only one guy who loves bigfoot...  Thanks for your patience.  

Click here to go the the newly-set-up London Trackway Home Page.  As I publish more, I will notify you on this blog and update the links.  Thanks for your patience.  I will do my best to publish something every week or two. 

Track number 6 of 122.


  1. Awesome work Cliff, love this track way and the castings, especially the toenail showing up in the cast.

    Mitchell Wilson.

  2. Good Stuff Bud!!

  3. Cliff.... A shining example, for all in this field of study, of real research and thoroughgoing documentation!

  4. Thank you for the new news on the London Tracks.
    Linda Newton-Perr of the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. From this information you are sure these prints are the real deal, right?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Linda,

    I have never said that I or anyone else involved is sure these are the real deal (though the other people involved may say they are sure, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to speak for them). The prints seem to be authentic, but "sure" is an awfully strong word that others like to throw around. I prefer to not do so. I try to choose a more cautious vocabulary.


    *This comment was deleted from above and edited for a careless spelling mistake.

  7. Good day Cliff,

    have you provided the distance between each set of footprint yet, that would provide an indication of the height of the creature along with the measurements of the footprints.



  8. Im totally a believer. But! I"m wondering why some of these prints dont' seem to have a midtarsal break, eveident in the print. Thanks for your continuous work on one of my favorite subjects!

  9. Excellent work Cliff.... You will always Know way more detail about these impressions than anyone Cliff. I find it takes about an hour to clean and examine a casting. So look how much time you have spent. From minute details to mechanics you get to ponder them all as you remove the dirt and grime. There will be much more to learn as you contemplate what you see. So glad you you have a detailed documentation to reference. So very important on your journey toward the truth. So far evidence seems to point to the real deal.