Thursday, June 21, 2012

London Tracks - Another Update

Due to my rigorous filming schedule, I have been unable to deal with the data collected surrounding the London Tracks in the way I would like.  However, some progress has been made with them, and I thought my readers would be interested in what has transpired.

While going over the casts on my very short break in April, I discovered some things that made me wonder if the impressions could have been hoaxed.  The problem I found was that there seemed to be little toe splay variation from print to print.  This feature (or lack thereof) might indicate a prosthetic foot, such as a wooden cutout.  

This cast was obtained in a sandy
patch of substrate where the mud
had washed away.  Note the sand
grains in the cast.

I later discovered that Dr. Jeff Meldrum had an opportunity to examine a small sampling of the London casts obtained by Toby Johnson, Thom Powell, and Guy Edwards at the recent Primal Peoples gathering in Washington.  After seeing the casts, Dr. Meldrum also had some concerns about their authenticity.  

This past week, I sat down with Dr. Meldrum in his office and spent several hours discussing the trackway and casts.  We noted the apparent lack of variation in toe position, and talked about how much change in toe position should be expected if one individual is walking over a flat, uniform substrate.  We agreed that there should be relatively little variation, but indeed some.  

While closely examining photographs of the casts, we discovered several examples of toe variation that were greater than first noticed, both in relative depth and splay.  These examples occurred where the substrate changed from mud to sand, and at the point where the creature walked up a slight incline towards the shoreline of the reservoir.  This is exactly where one would expect this sort of variation to occur: at the change in the substrate.  

I missed these details because I didn't have sufficient time to closely examine each cast and contrast it with all the others before hitting the road again after my short break.  As for Dr. Meldrum's initial observations, he hadn't seen enough examples of the individual casts to determine this sort of variability.  

The twenty-fifth our of sixty-four consecutive
impressions cast in the trackway.

Our meeting lasted several hours, and several other features visible in the detailed photographs were discussed.  Many of these features point towards the authenticity of the casts.  Among these features are the mud protruding up between the toes, the consistency of the grabbing action of the first three digits (but often excluding the fourth and fifth digits), and the natural shape and contour of the elongated heel.  The possibility that some of the casts recorded striations from the toe nails was also brought up.  

After a pleasant lunch and an interesting conversation about many bigfooty things, Dr. Meldrum dropped me off at the hotel.  Upon parting, he noted that the photographs he saw helped him "turn the corner" in his opinion on the authenticity of the casts.  Dr. Meldrum and I will soon solidify plans to scan all of the available casts for his Virtual Footprint Archive.

Enjoy these detailed photographs of the London Tracks (click on them for the larger versions).  You may use these pictures for your personal research, or for posting on blogs and whatnot.  Please respect my copyright by asking for permission to use any of my materials for other ventures.  

Impression number 121 out of 122 from the London Trackway.
Note the distinct pressure ridge left by the grasping action of
the toes in the soft, sandy substrate.

Some of the prints impressed two or more inches
into the substrate.

Close up side view of one of the earlier track casts.
Note the striations that do NOT extend to the full
depth of the rounded toe impression.  Could this
be the result of the ragged front edge of a toe nail?

One of many very nice looking prints
from the London Trackway.


  1. Amazing work guys. Thanks for the update Cliff :)

  2. Hey Cliff,
    We love Finding Bigfoot and although New Zealand isn't a well documented Bigfoot hotspot, there have been areas where sightings have happened, but not as often as the Australian Yowie. I know the show must a bit frustrating as a Bigfoot enthusiast as you have to move in quickly from locations due to filming schedules. Bigfoot sightings are rare enough with people spending years looking, let alone capturing one during a few days. But it's your personalities, experience and knowledge that make it a good show. Thanks mate. I do have a question......any general idea on the release date for season 3.
    Kiwi Chris

  3. Cliff G in Texas,

    Thanks for sharing... what an incredible find.

  4. I thought Bigfoots were flat footed. Looks like this one isn't.

  5. You could fill up an entire "special" episode of FB with this track find. Just a would be easy to produce...well at least you wouldn't have to fly overseas. :^)

  6. Hmmm, I'm glad to see you're trying to be balanced in your interpretation of these prints, I just hope you guys aren't too emotional "invested" in this case (after the enormous amount of work you did casting all the tracks) to keep your skepitcals on.

    Good luck!

  7. Off topic here, but...when does the new season of Finding Bigfoot start Cliff?



  8. Keep up the meticulous work. Glad you have more time to concentrate on it. Everyone wants a piece of the Cliff-Meister. Hee hee

  9. Cliff, whenever could we expect to hear more about the tracks? I figure there will be some more in depth studying and I'm wondering if we can expect key things like dermal ridges etc etc at another time?

  10. My question is, did any one try to track biggie across the two roads they what to cross twice, comming and going? If the tracks are poss falling into hoax area wouldn't it make sence to try to back track And look for more tracks?

  11. When does the new season of Finding Bigfoot start? Cannot find it in the guide, and have not seen any ads for it on Animal Planet. Thanks so much :)

  12. How much does a London track cost....? I am a young bigfooter who is trying to find bigfoots around my home. I have two possible photos of a rock being thrown at my trail camera. I also bigfoot blot. Also, how do you join the BFRO. Please check out my blog!!!!!!!