Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finding Bigfoot on South Park!

I've heard mixed reactions about the episode (I haven't seen it yet), but I consider it an honor to be depicted on South Park no matter how much of a thrashing we receive at the hands of these ruthless, cynical animators.


  1. Cliff. Here's a review of last night's episode by Vick W.

  2. Looking forward to it!

  3. Great attitude, Cliff. You know you've become culturally relevant when you are lambasted on there, so take it as a good sign. I know your sense of humor is very intact, so you will find it quite amusing.

  4. There's a difference between making fun of someone with taste and just being a jerk.
    I was expecting South Park to actually play off our your personalities, creating caricatures of who y'all really are.
    Instead, they just made you all look like fanatical believers with room temperature IQs.

    Needless to say, I am reminded why I stopped watching South Park.

    - A.Z.

  5. I saw the show and thought it was great! Although the BFR were portayed as a joke, South Park writers are masters at making good comedy. To be included is a compliment.

    Three cheers to the BFR crew and particularly BOBO for taking the brunt. They missed his subtle humor, which could have added to the laugh!

  6. Sorry to say it but they didn't depict you very favorably.

  7. That's as cool as it comes. I've not seen it but have heard they treat you like they treat everyone. An honor if you ask me. Great job Super Star. cm

  8. South Park! You've arrived!!!

  9. I haven't watched the episode. As a matter of fact, I've never really got in to South Park, however, I'd consider this as an "arrival" in to American pop-culture. I guess "its all good".

  10. Personally, I loved the episode. I thought it was funny, and nothing was said maliciously. Bobo did bear the brunt of it -- but Bobo is tough and probably considers it an honor -- as he should!

    Who was really being made fun of in the episode?

    All of us that believe in the possibility of Sasquatch.

    At 03 minutes 30 seconds Kyle says, that anyone that says they saw a sasquatch is either lying or stupid. Kyle as usual is the character Matt and Trey use to say what they are thinking, or to deliver a message.

    The message?

    We are stupid and believe in liars.



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  11. Honestly Cliff, you got the best rendition of the four of you. Considering the South Park take on Whale Wars a few years back, I feel you guys got a bit of a pass. Thanks for all your great work, by the way.