Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hand Clapping Behavior in Gorillas

It is my opinion that what is commonly referred to as "tree knocking" has a far too restrictive description.  I have been hypothesizing for years that bigfoots may not be actually knocking wood against trees to produce these sounds, or may not be doing so exclusively.  

Since becoming interested in this possibility, I have received several reports of bigfoots clapping.  I recently received another report of a bigfoot slapping its open hand against its thigh to produce a loud popping sound.  I know of a couple reports in which the bigfoot was carrying a stick, thus keeping it possible that they do hit wood against trees at times as well.  

Whatever the case, I will continue to look for this behavioral parallel in the other ape species, including humans.  Below is an interesting article from the BBC about just this sort of behavior in gorillas.  It is interesting to note the mention of bipedalism in the article as well.

Gorilla Mums Keep Family in Check
by Matt Walker

Female gorillas clap their hands to get the attention of male silverbacks and infants.

The discovery in the forests of central Africa is only the second time the behaviour has been recorded in wild western lowland gorillas.

It suggests that the great apes use hand-clapping to communicate over long distances and keep the family group together.

The discovery is published in the journal Primates.

"What struck me most was how it was conducted in such a controlled and deliberate manner while in a bipedal position; much like a human would hand clap," says Ammie Kalan of Oxford Brookes University, in Oxford, UK.

Click here to read the rest of this fascinating article.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finding Bigfoot on South Park!

I've heard mixed reactions about the episode (I haven't seen it yet), but I consider it an honor to be depicted on South Park no matter how much of a thrashing we receive at the hands of these ruthless, cynical animators.