Friday, February 10, 2012

Bay Area Bigfoot Meeting

This just came in from friend of the sasquatch, Tom Yamarone:

First Monthly Meeting of Bay Area Bigfoot Research Organization

Location: Round Table Pizza, 61 43rd Avenue, San Mateo, CA
(may actually be Belmont, CA)
Date/Time: Sunday, February 12, 2012 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

If you are interested in bigfoot, please join us as we discuss the bigfoot/sasquatch topic
with other enthusiasts. We’ll introduce ourselves, present an overview of the best
evidence and, if time allows, watch a short documentary. Dinner and drinks will be
available at the restaurant. We’ll have the private banquet room for our meeting.

Who are we? Bay Area Bigfoot Research was started by 3 individuals who have been
involved in bigfoot research for many years. There was a research group in the San
Francisco Bay Area in the 1970s and we wanted to create another Bay Area group that
would bring together like-minded people to learn more about this subject, discuss current
bigfoot research topics, solicit eyewitness accounts and organize group outings to the
Sierras and other areas in Northern California.

Agenda: Welcome and Introductions (Joyce Kearney, Jerry Hein & Tom Yamarone)

Joyce Kearney and Tom Yamarone

Jerry Hein

Discussion of our reasons for meeting each month. Also what we hope to accomplish with
these meetings. (for example, discuss recent “hot topics” in bigfoot research, solicit and discuss
bigfoot sighting reports, etc.)

Short Presentation: “A Review of the Most Compelling Evidence for the Existence of Bigfoot/
Sasquatch” (Tom Yamarone)

Tom will bring 3 or 4 bigfoot footprint casts, several books he would recommend as references
for research, photographs of some Native American stone heads, totems and masks and print outs
of archival newspaper articles. Joyce will bring a Native American mask that she has to share
with the group.

Afterwards, we’ll have a discussion of bigfoot evidence.


Viewing of bigfoot documentary (will have several to choose from… 30 – 45 mins)

Discussion of ideas for future meetings.

Craig Flipy, Tom Yamarone,
Cliff Barackman, and Terry Smith


  1. What ever happened to Steve Sanders from the group. He is featured in the "In Search Of" monster hunters episode.