Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finding Bigfoot - Rhode Island Video Debrief

Here's another behind-the-scenes video debrief of Finding Bigfoot's most recent episode.  Craig Flipy talks to Cliff Barackman about his experiences filming the Rhode Island episode.


  1. I love the enthusiasm and excitement. If I had a "gig" like that, I'd be going at it like a big kid too. You are so lucky to get to test the places and the sightings. Your personal knowledge of locations is really growing fast. Doing it first-hand, nothing beats that. Keep it up. The show is very well loved by many.

  2. Bless you for not using the music soundtrack throughout the debrief. I really enjoyed this episode.

  3. Another great debriefing Cliff.I like your enthusiasm for Bigfoot and the outdoors as well.
    I never expect to find Bigfoot when I go out to the forests but I remain optimistic.
    However,I usually find wildlife,some cool tree arches or other interesting things.
    You're correct when you say you have to enjoy the outdoors.
    I look forward to your next debrief session!

  4. Why don't they ask better questions to the people who say they seen big foot? With all the wild life cameras out there not one person has come across a picture. Why not pick the best area you think big foot is and just blanket the woods