Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finding Bigfoot - Alberta, Canada - Video Debrief

Craig Flipy and Cliff Barackman once again sit down to talk about the most recent episode of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, but this time they are accompanied by Guy Edwards from Bigfoot Lunch Club.  Enjoy!


  1. Great debrief Cliff, I love your blog.

    I wanted to make a remark about this episode and tell you my impression. I felt that in this episode, it looked blatantly obvious that the group was very biased and had already decided that the footage from Todd was a hoax.

    Now I realize that you guys had more information than was eluded to in the show, but as a watcher of the program, it really looked like he was ambushed by you guys.

    It is one thing for you guys to review someones video and say that you can't conclude that the subject is a sasquatch, but it is another thing to call someone a liar, faker, or hoaxer. Matt was clearly more obvious in doing so, and I think that the audience was likely to sympathize with Todd at this point, as I did.

    Todd may have hoaxed this footage and others, but the edited version of the show made you guys seem to have an agenda. Another point of this is your discussion in the car of why this appears to be a hoax. Specifically, everyone was making the point that because the length of the video was only 1 or 2 seconds long, it must be a hoax. I think that this point illustrates the exact opposite in fact.

    Imagine you are planning a hoax bigfoot video to become famous. You and your accomplices would plan every detail out...the camera angle, gestures, the action in the scene, etc.. You certainly wouldn't plan a 2 second video with the bigfoot's back to the camera from an angle that would make it completely indiscernible and for a duration that wouldn't flatter or boast the conclusiveness of the content.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I love the show and never miss an episode, but this one was a little unsettling.

    What made it even harder to swallow was Todd's retaliation earlier this week and suggesting that the noises you guys were hearing was coming from the cows at a nearby ranch. I have to admit, it did sound like a cow.

    Take care and happy squatching brother!

  2. Thanks for the debrief Cliff.It's always nice to hear what wasn't included in the episode.
    With regards to Todd,I am sure you've made an accurate assessment of him.
    He could be a nice guy,but I for one believe his evidence is a hoax.There are too many inconsistencies in his stories,he talks like everything has been rehearsed and his retelling of his encounter with this huge beast as he puts it,lacks every emotion.
    I'm happy you enjoyed your time with the elders.They know so much more than the rest of us regarding Bigfoot and they are a wealth of information.
    Hopefully you come to Alberta again.