Monday, December 26, 2011

Bringing a Baboon Bigfooting? Yep.

Another highlight of the upcoming season 2 premiere of Finding Bigfoot was finally getting to take a live ape out to the woods bigfooting.  It had been a dream of Bobo's for as long as I've known him, and it was great to see him live his dream.

Below is a sneak peek of Finding Bigfoot's New York expedition.  Be sure to catch the entire episode on Sunday, January 1st at 10 pm on Animal Planet.  Check back on my official website for my behind-the-scenes commentaries to accompany each and every episode.


  1. Glad to see Bo-Bo is getting his dream. I'm just glad to see the Baboon wasn't kept in a hanging cage with glow sticks. I think the baboon thanks you too.

  2. I have 2 ideas for you, 1st.

    Try a Chimp, not a baboon. When they DNA sequenced the blood that they had found at a Canadian fishing lodge, the 36th genetic sequence they had found was Chimp. Try live specimens and pheromones from Chimps.

    2nd. When setting up your trail cam you need to place it higher in the trees. You take into account the fact they can see them but, You forget how well animals in the wild can detect human and man-made smells. the only good trail cam photo that I have seen that I believe; the camera was over 20 feet in the air and pointing down at a 35 degree angle.

    Hope these help. I have had several run ins with the Big guy and would like to see this disbelief will end this year! Cheers