Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bigfoot Eyewitness Interview in NY

In this special clip released by Animal Planet, we meet Robert, a bigfoot witness from New York.  Robert and I went to the Catskill Mountains to do a recreation of his frightening encounter.  Robert is only one of several witnesses we met in New York that will be featured on the upcoming season 2 debut of Finding Bigfoot.  Be sure to catch the premiere on Sunday night, January 1st at 10 pm on Animal Planet.

After each episode, you can look forward to my personal insights on that week's expedition by going to the official Cliff Barackman website and reading my behind-the-scenes commentaries.  We film more than 100 hours of footage for each episode, and the editors cut that down to less than 44 minutes.  Lots of cool, 'squatchy stuff gets left out of each episode, and my commentaries are the only place where you can read what happened behind the scenes.  Check them out after each and every episode!

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  1. I'm excited. Thanks for sharing the clip. How many days do I need to wait (checking calendar) oh yeah, 4. Yahoo!