Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Season 2 - Official Announcement

Straight from Animal Planet's media-mouth comes the official announcement of the debut of season 2 of Finding Bigfoot.  Ironically, they announced the beginning of the series on the very same day that we finished filming the last of the episodes.  Funny how thing work out sometimes.

Having been on the road filming the series for the last four months has been a grueling, yet infinitely rewarding experience.  And, yes, we found bigfoots and collected data along the way.  

The series will be an exciting and informative trip to the woods in some of the 'squatchiest places on the continent.  There are new films and photographs investigated, new sounds recorded, interviews with witnesses who have never told their story publicly, and much more.  It has been quite a trip, to say the very least.  

The cast of Finding Bigfoot at an undisclosed location:
Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, Bobo, and Ranae Holland.

After each episode premieres, I will continue my post-episode commentaries, as well as my video interview debriefs with my trusty companion, Craig Flipy.  (Yes, I know I've been lagging on part two of Afterbirth of a Legend, but I'm pretty busy with all this filming and stuff...  I haven't forgotten, though.)

Here's the article.  Thanks for watching.

FINDING BIGFOOT Returns on January 1, 2012
Second Season of Successful Sleuthing Series Gives Audience New But Disputable Proof of a Baby Bigfoot

(November 30, 2011) — For centuries, eyewitness accounts and colorful stories have fueled rumor that large, furry, human-like animals have roamed the forests in North America and other continents. These legendary creatures have come to be known as bigfoot or sasquatch. The folklore around Bigfoot has many doubters and many true believers, and passionate groups like the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO)have formed to investigate stories, analyze evidence and strengthen their hypotheses of these elusive beings.

Over the course of 10 hour-long episodes, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot returns for a brand-new season on Sunday, January 1, 2012, at 10 PM (ET/PT) for further expeditions to investigate reports of the mysterious Bigfoot. From small towns in the South to remote areas of the mountain West and dense forest of the Northeast and into Canada, four passionate, driven researchers and adventurers embark on one single-minded mission — to find this beast.

BFRO members Matt Moneymaker and James "Bobo" Fay, professional educator Cliff Barackman and skeptical biologist Ranae Holland engage in the ultimate quest in search of proof that Bigfoot really does exist — and that he or she is alive and abundant in North America. By examining photos and videos of the creature, speaking to local witnesses, using new technology and luring the mysterious beast with the team's "squatch" calls, the group uncovers startling potential evidence of the legendary and highly intelligent enigma that has eluded capture for centuries and fascinated man for just as long.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tales of Bigfoot in Kentucky

This news article surfaced from the Richmond Register in Kentucky. It is a light-hearted overview of the Finding Bigfoot town hall meeting we held a few weeks ago in Renfro Valley, Kentucky. Enjoy!

Typical bigfoot habitat in Kentucky

Tales of Bigfoot in Kentucky
By Marie MitchellRegister Columnist

RICHMOND — In the past, if you wanted to see a tall, hairy, smelly, antisocial, two-legged creature you’d have to hang out in the Himalayas. That’s home to the Yeti or Abominable Snowman. They’ve been spotted around there for years. But remember, the air is rather thin in the mountains, which can play tricks on your brain.

Still, there’s reason to believe that some Yeti have left Nepal and made their way to North America, setting up housekeeping in secluded areas near mountains, swamps and forests. They’ve been reported in every state except Hawaii. That’s quite a trek. On foot. Even with size 20 feet.

Kentucky has had its share of sightings. People aren’t shy about admitting that they’ve seen a Sasquatch or Bigfoot in their neighborhoods, woods and rural areas. Even though Sasquatches are pretty good at hiding.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More on the Russian Yeti Claims

This article appeared today in the Huffington Post. As you might remember, a conference was held in Russia on the yeti, and a field trip was taken to a nearby cave where some hair and footprints were discovered. I think we were all hopeful about the findings, but caution should always be exercised when the word "proof" is thrown around in the media. Below is the latest information to come to light about the event. 

Yeti Evidence Falls Flat: Scientist Says Local Officials Staged Siberian Snowman Hunt For Publicity

A group of international scientists made headlines last month after suggesting they were "95 percent" certain they'd found evidence that the elusive Yeti -- or fabled Siberian Snowman -- really exists.

But one scientist who was part of the big snowman hunt tells The Huffington Post that local Siberian officials staged the entire snowman scenario -- all for publicity.

"It was a very awkward feeling because here I was a guest and this was clearly orchestrated," said Idaho State University anthropologist and anatomist Jeffrey Meldrum.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

John Bavaro

I recently caught wind of an interesting art show that was on display through October 7th in the Carnegie's Duveneck Gallery.  I missed it, but that's part of the cost of being on the road for a living.  If you caught this amazing showing, please post a comment.

When reading the below article, please keep sasquatches in the forefront of your mind (you probably do this anyways).  I believe there are some particularly pertinent statements regarding the humanity of apes, and the apeness of humans, that can and probably should be applied to our furry bipedal friends.

Planet of the Apes
Artist John Bavaro reminds us we’re all primates

Could art be the missing link? Oxford, Ohio, native John Bavaro would probably say yes. His current exhibition in the Duveneck Gallery at the Carnegie Center Visual and Performing Arts Center in Covington uses both traditional and digital painting to examine the similarities between humans and non-human primates. The exhibition is a sort of homecoming for Bavaro, who left Cincinnati in 2001 for a faculty post at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania.

First, a quick zoology lesson. Primates include humans and various groups of apes and monkeys, including chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans, gibbons, lemurs and others. Bavaro’s project runs the gamut with 73 painted portraits and 18 digital paintings done on his iPhone and printed in large format. The paintings encompass the entire gallery, hung side against side, salon-style. The effect is mesmerizing — it’s hard to tell where the humans leave off and the apes begin. Many of the humans gaze more distantly than their non-human primate counterparts, who grin, frown or stare soulfully. It’s exactly the point that Bavaro is trying to make. “There is as much ‘humanity’ in a great ape as there is wildness in a human being,” he writes in his statement for the show. “And there is a mystery in all of us that art can capture what science cannot.”

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good Advice from Ghost Hunting Theories

Insightful, informative, and curvy blogger (and friend of the 'squatch), Autumn Forest from the excellent blog Ghost Hunting Theories has given some good advice to bigfooters everywhere.  Please click this link to read what every bigfoot should know.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comicon Pro Wrestling Spotlight Interview

In case you're wondering who my favorite wrestler of all time is, scroll forward to 4 minutes and 39 seconds.  I bet you can guess, though...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Commentary: Afterbirth of a Legend, Part 1 - The PG Film

Before the entire seven episodes of Finding Bigfoot were even aired, it was pretty clear that we were going to go onto season two. The ratings were really high, and the network was very excited about doing a bigfoot show. They were so excited that they decided to do a two-hour Halloween special in addition to ten regular episodes that would be the second season.

When I heard that the two-hour special would be centered around Bluff Creek, CA, I was thrilled. I have been bigfooting in and around Bluff Creek since 1994, and I know that area very well. Not as well as Bobo, who has been working that area even longer, but very well nonetheless.

The episode would have a new feature that would continue into the rest of the season: one of the Finding Bigfoot team would spend a few nights out in the woods with just a camera person. Not just any camera guy, either. A bigfooter with a camcorder, doing the bigfoot thing as authentically as possible. I was tapped to be the one who got to go solo in Bluff Creek, and I am so thankful. For my camera man, I chose Craig Flipy, who luckily was available.

Craig Flipy

Obviously, any trip to Bluff Creek would have to include a look at the Patterson/Gimlin Film. I have been going to the film site for well over a decade, and have been there more than a dozen times. However, I had never been there with Bob Gimlin. He was there back in 2003 when the International Sasquatch Symposium happened, and they used his return visit as part of an episode of Mysterious Encounters, the first all-bigfoot television program.

Our trip was to be Bob's second return to the film site since he obtained the film back in 1967, but it was the first time he rode horseback to the site. Bob is a friend of mine, which is cool enough, but to go horseback riding to the film site with the man himself was beyond cool. It is a dream that I would think every bigfooter would have, and this one was coming true for me.

Bob and the Finding Bigfoot Cast

Recreating the film at the actual film site was challenging, but much less so due to the various maps made of the filming event by Ranae Dahinden, Grover Krantz, and Bob Titmus. We knew the distances from the camera to the subject (“Patty”) for all of the key frames, as well as the general route of travel.

The difficult part was that the film site is no longer a wide open sand bar as it once was. The great flood of 1964 wiped the area clean and deposited a thick layer of silt and sand over the entire area. This sand bar is still there, but the forest has reclaimed it. The entire area is thickly wooded and impossible to see through. The creek has worn its way down to the bedrock, but in 1967 it had not yet done so. Bob noted that there were no really big rocks in the creek at the film site in 1967. The biggest rocks were about softball size. He also noted that the berm between the creek and the top of the sand bar was only about three feet tall, whereas now it is about six or seven feet. It was clear that the creek has eroded the bar significantly.

Bobo's walkthrough had to be done at a slightly different place than where Patty herself walked due to the changes in the location, but I think it still provided some insight on some things. First of all, Bobo's gait does not resemble Patty's on anything more than a superficial level. Even though Bobo has done that walk literally thousands of times in his 25+ years of bigfootiness, he could not duplicate it on the uneven terrain and wild environment he walked through. Also, Bob's comments that the creature seemed to walk slower, yet cleared far more distance than Bobo was also very enlightening.

I was honored to play the part of Roger Patterson while filming the recreation. We had the same model camera that Roger used that day, and that alone was super cool. It is far larger and heavier than I expected. Heaving that bulky think around while running across the sandbar really gave me a deeper appreciation of Roger and Bob's accomplishment that day.

Cliff Barackman holding the Kodak K-100 camera

More to come in the second installment of the Afterbirth of a Legend... Check back soon.

A look at Cliff through the viewfinder of the Kodak K-100.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Yeti Saves the Day

Just because a yeti denies its own existence, doesn't mean they aren't real.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bigfoot Hunters Cause a Stir in the Klamath-Trinity Region

This article was published in the Two Rivers Tribune, a local paper in the general area of Willow Creek and the Hoopah Reservation in Northern California. Bobo and I were hanging out at a local restaurant when a Hoopah reporter started asking questions. I think it was this meeting when we learned that lots of marijuana growers had their rifle sights trained on the helicopters flying overhead that night. I guess the production company should have known better than to use helicopters at night in Humboldt County.

Cliff Barakman (left) and BoBo Fay (right) ate 
at every Willow Creek restaurant during their 12-day 
stay in the Klamath Trinity region searching for Bigfoot. 
The film retrieved will become a 2-hour special on the 
Discovery Channel’s Amimal Planet. 
Photo by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune.

Animal Planet Tight Lipped About Upcoming Episode in Bigfoot ‘Mecca’
By Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune

The helicopters hovering over Bald Hill in Hoopa last week had locals stirring. Rumors flew just as fast as the choppers. First it was a man hunt that was too high profile to be heard on the scanner. Then it was CAMP looking for marijuana grows with infrared technology. Then it was the government investigating a fallen meteorite.

Turns out it was the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) and a film crew from Animal Planet—but we didn’t hear that from them.

After searching high and low for the BRFO team last week a surprise encounter occurred at Raging Creek Pub and Eatery in Willow Creek. Over an Ahi Tuna salad and Steelhead Ale, local bigfoot enthusiast BoBo Fay tried not to spill the beans.

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