Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finding Bigfoot's Cast Reacts to Claims of Yeti "Proof"

Here is a brief commentary from us folks at Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot about the recent claims of "proof" out of Russia.

Very little of what I said made the editor's cut on this brief clip.  I went on to comment that I have a contact that works with the native tribes of Siberia, and that these tribes have stories of sasquatch-like creatures that live nearby, just like natives of North America have.  I am absolutely sure that sasquatches (or a closely related) species lives in Russia.  However, I'm not sure that having 95% proof is the same as having "irrefutable" proof.  

I have heard that the conference was quite good, but the field trip that obtained this "proof" was a little uncomfortable for the participants.  While I do not have many details of what transpired, I am happy to hear that the Russians take this branch of science quite seriously, and they have taken strides to elevate it to the mainstream.  


  1. I agree. It's promising for the future research that Russia is open to the concept of housing such a cryptid. I am sure that, after this public expedition, they will be tormented by wahoos and others rushing to do some hunting in Siberia. Hope they're ready for zoo that might take place.

  2. I just attended the Pittsburgh UFO/Bigfoot Conference where Dr. Jeff Meldrum presented his findings on that Yeti Expedition that he was a part of. He said it smelled off a set up the whole way. Everything that their guides would see was evidence(every little tree structure or tree break. Dr. Meldrum pointed out that a lot of them had been cut down with a saw) The cave they explored was a complete set up it seems with only right foot prints that were of human impressions(not flat but with high arches). He told the group(and the press that followed them the whole time)if something had been living in the cave,there would be more then 4 footprints and you would see heavy foot traffic from them(the cave had a layer of silt on its floor so it would be obvious if something was traveling on it). The 95% statement was not the groups decision but one of the Russian collages. DR. Meldrum refused to sign anything that stated that he thought there was enough evidence to subject a government commission in the study and acknowledgement of the Russian yeti from this trip. Kind of sad how all that got blown out of proportion.

  3. I smell a skunk in the skunk ape sketch. Why didn't we get to see the creature take off? Why wasn't the flight of the alleged creature looped in slow motion? Any attempts to take foot prints or look to see if the ground vegetation was disturbed? Not very convincing!