Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: "Birth of a Legend" on Oct. 30th

In early August, the cast and crew of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot went to Northern California to investigate the most famous bigfoot footage of all time, the Patterson/Gimlin Film.  The two weeks in Northern California was extremely productive, and it was nothing less than historic to participate in such a once-in-a-lifetime event.  

The episode we shot during that time will be airing on Sunday, October 30th on Animal Planet, and I assure you it is one episode that you won't want to miss.  After the episode airs, you can look forward to my behind-the-scenes commentary (tentatively titled, the "Afterbirth of a Legend") that will shed even more light on the happenings at Bluff Creek.  My video commentary of this episode will unfortunately have to wait a while...  I am currently on the road filming the second season of Finding Bigfoot, so I'm afraid we all have to wait a bit until I get back home to film it.  

I have seen a rough cut of the episode, and it is excellent.  There was so much more that happened which didn't make the edit that you'll be almost more blown away by what they didn't include!  (Keep in mind, we filmed around 200 hours of footage for this episode.)  That's why it's good to have a bigfoot nerd like me on the cast to show you the stuff that I thought was cool that the editors didn't include.  I'm looking forward to your comments on the episode.


  1. I have it ready to record just in case I am not home. I am looking forward to watching it.

  2. I'm not encouraging my readers to watch it, but I will have a new episode of LAUGH up -- the team goes to Colorado in search of Snowbeast. Hee hee. I really love your show, am a super fan for life. Keep it up, you lucky bastard!

  3. Can't wait. Linda Newton-Perry of Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

  4. i live in arkansas and have personaly seen something covered in dark hair and walking on to legs , it wasnt a bear . it moved way to fast for a bear on two legs we heard it banging on the trees around my house and seen it running by the windows of the house then something hit the door hard enough to knock down every picture on the north wall of my house , ive heard similiar stories but im just wanting to know if anyone else mite have one

  5. Yes, Anonymous. There are lots of stories. I am currently working on the development of a sightings database and would very much appreciate your contribution. Please click this link to tell me more about your encounter:


    Cliff Barackman

  6. Cliff,

    Have any of you guys been to the lake George region of the Adirondacks? Heard many powerful whoops coming from a smaller mountain on the northwestern end of the lake. Woke everyone right up at 3:30am. Many sighting reports and encounters have occurred in the area for a long times.

  7. Cliff,
    Watched the 2 hr show last night. During one of your single interviews, behind your right shoulder there is something in the woods. This was a daylight interview, I had it on the DVR but it was deleted so I wish I could give you a time stamp.


  8. I saw the same thing Bill is discussing up top. It occurs early in the show when you're discussing the PG footage and why the squatch is called Patty. The object in the background appears over your right shoulder, then walks left to right out of frame and it looks to tall to be a person.

    Justin C

  9. Saw that too, something def walks by. Six minutes into the episode, right after the mention of pendulous breasts, something walks by in the background. Left side of screen, over your right shoulder. Looks like a clothed person to me, but idk.